Robert Pattinson is not against to star in the sequel to “Twilight”

Роберт Паттинсон не против сняться в продолжении «Сумерек»

Greater fame came to the actor Robert Pattinson after his transformation into a vampire Edward Cullen in the Saga “Twilight”. Film series, the basis for the script which was the novels by Stephenie Meyer, Pattinson brought huge popularity. However, at the moment the role of the vampire is the brightest in the filmography of Robert and he say goodbye to her, as it turned out, did not intend to.

Pattinson told reporters that if he offered to do a “Smertnoi Saga”, he happily agreed.

“I’m very interested! — said the actor. – It would be great, but, unfortunately, there is no plot”. Note that the rumors about the filming of the sequel to “Twilight” has long been discussed in the media. For example, one of the representatives of the film Studio Lionsgate confirmed that filming of the new part is possible, but it all depends on Stephenie Meyer, the author of the novels. “If she writes a new story, we’ll take it from here”, — has pleased the fans of Patrick Wachsberger.

A bit of negativity in this happy for the fans of “Twilight,” the message adds Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella Swan. The actress says that he will easily cede their role to someone else: “I loved this role, says Stuart. – However, this does not mean I want to play it again. To be honest, I would be interested to see the sequel”.