Behavior and Posner Litvinova has provoked a scandal in social networks

Поведение Познера и Литвиновой спровоцировало скандал в соцсетях Internet users unhappy with the remarks of the members of the jury. Earlier the judge of the popular TV show has criticized the number of eight-year resident of Nizhny Tagil, who performed the song Zemfira, and disliked the performance of the dancer who lost a leg.

      Поведение Познера и Литвиновой спровоцировало скандал в соцсетях

      For several days on social networks to discuss the recent issues of “Minute of fame”. Internet users negatively commented on the remarks of the judges – actress and Director Renata Litvinova and TV presenter Vladimir Pozner. First, the woman and her colleague had to taste the performance of the eight-year-old Victoria Starikova. According to celebrities, children should not participate in entertainment shows.

      Vladimir Pozner has criticized the parents of young participants “minutes of glory”

      In the next release of the program of the First channel mixed rating of stars caused room dance Duo Alena Shineway and Evgeny Smirnov. In 2012 a young man lost his leg. Despite this, he found the strength to go on stage. Smirnov literally wowed the audience, performing the most complex elements of the prosthesis. The audience is very emotionally reacted to his statement.

      However, Renata Litvinova and Vladimir Posner was not so unanimous in the assessment of Smirnov and Shineway. They found that the debut of Eugene on the First channel can be attributed to the banned techniques. Therefore, Posner voted against the Duo. “When a man goes out as you, without feet, it is impossible to say no. There is no protection against this – well, simply forces are not present”, – with these words the presenter explained his voice.

      Поведение Познера и Литвиновой спровоцировало скандал в соцсетях

      Renata Litvinova has continued thought of the colleague. “I know that in our country, that is, of course, it’s hard to be man amputee… But about forbidden moments, of course… But maybe you this, to fasten the second, she may not be so obviously absent?” – said the star. However, Renata has decided that Eugene and Allen should continue to participate in the project.

      The statements of the members of the jury caused a strong reaction on the Internet. So, the presenter Otar Kushanashvili rebuked Renata Litvinova in snobbery and criticized her paintings. In the opinion of men, the actress and Director is difficult to call a moral authority.

      Renata Litvinova explained the attacks on the young participant of “minute of fame”

      “Renata colorful as buranovskaya grandmother, she was invited to kink, she is glad to try. But if it is a normal member of the jury, I’m the reincarnation of Arno Babajanyan” – shared cusanelli.
      Поведение Познера и Литвиновой спровоцировало скандал в соцсетях

      Your opinion about the position Litvinova also expressed controversial blogger Lena Miro. The girl who built his career on a sharp critique of celebrity, did not restrain themselves against Renata. According to Miro, Litvinov, “pounced like a hawk upon eight-year-old child.” Lena also stood up for Victoria Starikov.

      “There’s so much purity, so much sincerity, so much courage. The little girl – alone, at the piano, in the great hall in front of the jury and crowd – singing. Sings, putting in words all my pure soul. Sings, full of inspiration and hope. And what gets in return? “I internally protest here against that!” – violently throws Litvinov in the face of a girl,” writes Miro.

      To the well-known bloggers were joined by other Internet users. So, the journalist and Professor of Moscow state University Anna Danilova stood up for Evgeniya Smirnova and criticized the panel for their outdated views.

      “Say, then, that Posner ran into Eugene, they say, no feet is permitted receive. But then the jury was cooler. Renata Litvinova was asked something like that, maybe somehow fasten the second leg, so has not been denied admission and not be conspicuous. Remember that. Moscow, Russia, the 21st century,” said the woman.
      Поведение Познера и Литвиновой спровоцировало скандал в соцсетях

      The point of view of the journalist supported the mother of many children and Director Olga sinyaeva. She was outraged by the remarks Smirnov. “Human amputee”. Tell me who’s the man-amputee? In life, there are a lot of very smart, reasonable people, to whom God gave the talent, knowledge and a high IQ, but the mind, heart and soul we need to buy, and to give to God on leaving this life. Some will have to go back…” – wrote sinyaeva in one of his social networks.

      Other viewers also actively commented on the incident in the program. “Something strange is happening in the Russian show-business”, “what a shame, What a shame… I just don’t Have words,” “Cruel refereeing caused a public outcry – and no wonder!”, “I was very disappointed after watching”, “I Believe that the members of the jury crossed the line,” was discussed by users of social networks.

      Producer Maxim Fadeev also could not remain indifferent to the unfolding scandal. Dancer Evgeny Smirnov starred in the video for his single “Together”, recorded together with Nargiz Zakirova. The man did not support the statements of the members of the jury and defended his colleague. According to Fadeev, Smirnov fate he is not indifferent.

      At the same time, some fans of the “minute of fame” on the contrary, supported by Renata Litvinova and Vladimir Pozner. In their opinion, the participants of the TV show no need to put pressure on the pity of the jury. Among the defenders of the actress and Director was Yuri Loza.

      “Many find fault Renata Litvinova, who is on the show “Minute of fame” at first did not support eight-year-old girl, and then called a dancer without legs “amputee” and advised him to fasten the prosthesis. I this action is not looking, but he specifically found on the Internet these rooms and discussion by the jury. To be honest, I never understood why cling “obvinenie”. First: the girl got the song Zemfira only because the jury is sitting her friend, who starred in the video for this song. The text and adults do not understand, and then a child of eight!.. Second, the amputee is the official name for people with an amputated limb or limbs, and no not the insulting nickname,” – says the artist.