Natasha Queen didn’t recognize without makeup

Наташу Королеву не узнали без макияжа The singer is resting in new York. The woman did not hesitate to be photographed without make-up. Fans recognized what a natural beauty Queen they like even more. However, sometimes no makeup you wouldn’t recognize her.

      Viewers are accustomed to seeing their idols in full regalia ... even tone, bright lipstick, blow, heels. Star trying my best not to disappoint the fans and to look your best. But the singer of the hit “Little country” on this occasion, absolutely no worries. Natasha have fun in America, walking along the street without makeup.

      Sweatshirt with Mickey mouse, hat with pompom, sports jacket is the most comfortable clothing for walking, according to singer. The artist was timed to the international women’s day. “Cute girls! Happy new year! Meanwhile, for me someone’s watching, this blue is clearly obvious to me!” joked beauty, hinting at the screen hanging behind her.

      Interestingly, some didn’t even recognize the Queen without makeup. The followers noted that it is not used to seeing the stars out on stage. “Oh, who is this? Natasha, do you? Can’t exactly understand…”, “Without makeup, you’re different”, “Natasha, that cap didn’t recognize you. Thank you for the congratulations. You too with the spring festival, the eighth of March!”, “Wear any make-up a little bit it would be necessary and so all is well.”

      But the fact that my 43 year woman looks much younger, I noticed everything. Additionally, subscribers have valued courage and the absence of complexes of the singer.

      “Natalia, I love that you are not afraid to be natural! You are the only one in show business in the world. The rest just kind of do… My most sincere respect!”, “We believe, because you are beautiful even without makeup! With a holiday!”, “Natasha, and you happy! Blossom also chic to go!”

      By the way, the artist does not hesitate not only natural beauty, but also their emancipation, clockwork character. So, on February 14, the woman together with her husband Sergei Glushko showed fans of erotic dance. Video exhibited at “Instagram”, has excited many. In the darkness the lovers moved to the beat of the music, occasionally flirting with each other. The man threw off his clothes, and Natasha slapped him lightly.

      But not all of the star couple comes to humor. On many issues the Queen says seriously.

      “I always wanted a big close – knit family- one that was in my childhood. For quite a long time, my husband Sergey are trying to have a second child. Always hope that our house will once again hear the laughter of children. When our son was born, decided not to hurry – both wanted to start a career. The work is spun, the years have passed. The last few years, the child’s question we much care. I want a girl, her name,” said she, “StarHit”.