Parents Diana Shurygina the urge to pass the examination on the lie detector

Родителей Дианы Шурыгиной призывают пройти экспертизу на детекторе лжи In the fifth edition of “Let them talk” mom and dad Schoolgirls from Ulyanovsk responded to detractors of her daughter. According to Natalia Shurygina, they had to leave his hometown. Experts still don’t believe in the situation of rape girls.

      Родителей Дианы Шурыгиной призывают пройти экспертизу на детекторе лжи

      Once the program “Let them talk”, dedicated to the history of rape of Schoolgirls from Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina, the girl and her parents answered the detractors. In the fourth edition has met with bloggers, who filmed the video with the mention of her name. Guests of the Studio reacted to the situation with Diane is very contradictory.

      A visitor from Estonia Vladislav Shurygin Kobylkov supported. The young man believes that a storm of criticism in the Internet address girls can be considered “burning at the stake”.

      However, experts transfer noted that Diana herself provoked the rape. According to them, earlier the girl and posted pictures in candid poses presence on the Internet, and this could provoke men with perverted fantasy on the illegal actions. Public figure Pavel Pyatnitsky noted that the story of Shurygino brought him wide popularity in social networks. Teenagers began to ask him for advice in difficult situations that they cannot discuss with their parents.

      “Diana’s the only honest emotion was when they showed Sergei. She cried and shut your mouth” – said Pyatnitsky.
      Родителей Дианы Шурыгиной призывают пройти экспертизу на детекторе лжи

      In the air once again showed the video of Sergei Semenov, who is serving a sentence for rape. The guy explained that in prison many people who sit for a nonexistent crime. Repeat this monologue provoked a strong reaction from Diane. “A rapist would defend rapists. This is normal. Of course, a lot of rapists. One blogger for another blogger,” exploded Shurygina.

      The girl’s mother Natalia came on the air to answer the detractors. According to the woman, Pyatnitsky incorrectly perceived the situation. Hall called Shurygina and her mother pass the examination on the lie detector, because some people do not believe in the story of that case the party was rape.

      “Why we should conduct this examination? He’s the criminal. What does mom and dad?” – protested Diana.

      As noted by Natalia Shurygina, they had to leave the city. Residents condemn their actions. “We went from Ulyanovsk. Already two or three weeks ago. Life has become impossible. Everybody knows what happened. I would like, first, to thank those people that support our family. Thanks to our group support, we survived, came out. In principle, they know the truth. The way I see others is irrelevant. Because people know how to think. It is necessary to be able to think with your head,” explained Natalia.

      Some viewers asked Diane how she would explain to their children that she was raped at the age of 16. Rustam Solntsev noted that Shurygina will tell the heirs of the truth with the phrase “it was a blast.”

      At the end of the broadcast in the Studio came the father of Diana Shurygina Alex. According to relatives, after the incident, there were two court, so he has no new comments on this situation. Rustam Solntsev believes that the father was the only sane person in this family that will soon tell, how all was actually.

      Diana promised to Andrey Malakhov to help those that were in a similar situation and became the victim of rape.

      “All girls are different… Here is the situation when the Internet supports violence, many shut their mouths. I will create anonymous and private group for girls and women,” said Shurygin.