Became known the details of the death of year-old son of rapper MiyaGi

Стали известны подробности гибели годовалого сына рэпера MiyaGi The child fell from the window of the ninth floor. As reported by the acquaintances, the incident occurred in a high-rise located on the Upper Maslovka. The doctors were unable to save the boy. In the fall the child suffered injuries incompatible with life.
Стали известны подробности гибели годовалого сына рэпера MiyaGi

In the night from Thursday to Friday it became known that the infant son of Miagi rapper, whose real name is Azamat Kouzaev, fell from the window of a multistory building. As reported by friends of the artist, the incident occurred on the Upper Maslovka. According to some, a small child fell from the window of the ninth floor. He received injuries incompatible with life. The doctors arrived at the scene of an emergency are unable to help the boy. It is known that eyewitnesses of the tragedy were a few passers-by.

According to updated information, the incident occurred in the afternoon. The scene cordoned off by emergency personnel.

Miagi himself or his representatives have not confirmed information on the death of his son. However, in communities devoted to the work of the rapper, fans are leaving condolences.

“The roar in the morning as in the tape I saw. Such terrible grief. There are no words. The soul breaks”, “It is a great sorrow. The Kingdom of heaven! Forces parents and family to grieve”, “I’m sorry baby”, “Condolences to the family,” wrote social media users.

Azamat Kudzaev a native of Vladikavkaz, recently, however, lives in Moscow. Rapper MiyaGi Duo with his colleague Endgame. Their compositions are very popular in the Network, and the clips of guys collect hundreds of thousands of views. The band released two albums and Hajime “Umlabalaba”.

In Vladikavkaz, family Kudzaev known to many. His father is a renowned surgeon, head of the Center for Orthopaedics and aesthetic surgery in North Ossetia. MiyaGi also received a medical education, but later he decided to become a doctor. As he told the rapper in an interview, he well operated and might even succeed, if it went to trauma or plastic surgery.