Victoria Bonia harshly criticized the initiator of the persecution of Stella Baranovskaya

Виктория Боня жестко раскритиковала инициатора травли Стеллы Барановской The model is publicly condemned the behavior of Madina Tetraenol, which was among the most active on the deceased actress. The indignation of Victoria Boni no bounds. The woman is revolted by actions of Threeway seeking evidence of fraud Baranovskaya.
Виктория Боня жестко раскритиковала инициатора травли Стеллы Барановской

Earlier in the week it became known that the actress Stella Baranovskaya, who suffered from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, has died at the age of 30. Shortly before his death, the young woman arranged the persecution of social networks. Critics believed that the artist feigns a serious illness and trying to earn some money. Among those most actively accused her of lying, was the blogger Madina Tatraiva, who was treated for cancer. The night before Victoria Bonia criticized her behavior.

Anfisa Chekhov was trying to rescue a sick cancer Stella Baranovskaya

The model said that outraged by the actions of Threeway. Bonnie’s indignation knew no bounds. According to Victoria, Madina indirectly involved in the death of Stella.

“How is it mean to take other people’s money, to pursue the man and make him eventually to the grave, just because you have a “washed-up” of doubt. In the frame of some Madina Tatraiva, which, for lack of a better word, drove the man to the coffin, trying to prove that our Stella was a liar and never was sick with cancer. Collected “evidence,” went on the transmission and did everything to blacken the name of honest girls! Stellochka, you did not return, but the shame from their souls they do not wash ever,” said Bonia.
Виктория Боня жестко раскритиковала инициатора травли Стеллы Барановской

Victoria also said goodbye to Stella and expressed condolences to her family and friends. “If you’re doing a good deed, do it heartily. What is happening with the world today? It’s just a shame human! Let this shame will remain until the end of your days, with everyone looking for a reason to accuse an innocent man that he was just in remission,” – said the model.

Publication of the model provoked lively discussions on the Internet. Fans of Bonnie supported her and blamed Tatraiva unworthy, in their opinion, behavior. At the same time, others criticized the model. Some social media users have suspected Victoria in the desire to “PR” on resonance news. “Where were you when Stella needed support. I am very close to her knew, and I was not very pleased that you raise your rating. You’re better than Madina?” said one user, “Instagram”.

Виктория Боня жестко раскритиковала инициатора травли Стеллы Барановской

Later Victoria Bonia decided to remove your post. “I don’t want to offend this girl, not in the goal… But I really hope that people will find the strength to admit they were wrong”, she explained.

Reporters contacted Madinah Threeway. She stated that she is not going to speak about the death of Stella Baranovskaya.

“I can say only one thing. It was Stellin choice – to be treated in unconventional methods. I have no comments yet. Good-bye,” said Tatraiva employees of the TV channel “Russia 24”.