Daria Pynzar revealed the terrible consequences of plastic surgery

Дарья Пынзарь раскрыла жуткие последствия пластической операции The star of “House-2” had to put up with unbearable pain. Daria Pynzar dreamed about a big bust, but I didn’t know that she would have to suffer for the sake of perfect body. Now she warns the girls about what they may face after surgery.
Дарья Пынзарь раскрыла жуткие последствия пластической операции

The star of the reality show “House-2” Daria Pynzar admits that his ideal appearance and she’s kind of obligated plastic surgeons and cosmetologists. Five years ago, a former member of telestroke went into surgery for breast augmentation. She dreamed about a big bust and, despite the protests of the wife of Sergey, decided on a manipulation of one’s own body. However, after that she had to face monstrous consequences.

“Hell the pain started on the fourth day. I stopped taking painkillers and on the way home, it seems, felt every bump. I’m not a whiner, but he bit his tongue not to moan. There was a feeling that I was literally skinned. Also any girl who decided on surgery, you must understand: after her followed by a week and a half of rehabilitation. I could only lie down and even sit down I hurt like hell,” recalls Daria.

Pynzar admitted that now never would have agreed to enlarge Breasts. However, she does not regret the surgery. Although Sergei was convinced that he likes small Breasts, he was ecstatic from the result of surgical intervention. However, Daria did not anticipate what was waiting for her during the second pregnancy.

Дарья Пынзарь раскрыла жуткие последствия пластической операции“I waited for David, the chest increased to the fifth dimension. And considering that I myself a little, I literally was hard to wear the chest. Back was tired, my legs hurt. And bust for my proportions was too large – had in the heat of summer to wear spanx, which I have at the end of pregnancy began to call chains,” admitted Pynzar.

Daria also decided to warn women who get a boob job and are going to have children. She told us about what turned her elementary forgetfulness. When the star of “House-2” returned from the hospital, the first night felt very bad.

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“But the worst thing happened after the birth. On the third day I went back with the son home, and forgot breast pump at the hospital. And then at night I have milk. I thought I was going to explode from the inside. The temperature was under 40, I couldn’t even move. The frightened Sergey went around our neighborhood to look for a breast pump. Found some old model and hand me that milk sucked” – said Pynzar.

Now Daria as little as possible to consult specialists in order to improve the appearance. She said in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem” that once succumbed to the trends of fashion and changed the cheekbones – made them higher. However, the man praised efforts wife and the next day she again went to the salon to restore the original view.