Стали известны подробности экстренной госпитализации Дмитрия Хворостовского
Cancer-fighting folk artist was in the hospital with an injury.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Photo: Social Networks

According to media reports, Dmitri Hvorostovsky today was delivered in one of capital clinics. Initially it was reported, allegedly, that the artist became ill in connection with his illness: Dmitry for several years struggling with cancer of the brain. However, it later emerged that Hvorostovsky had sought medical help because of injuries received the day before.

Dmitry was diagnosed with a dislocation of the shoulder joint, which he received in the fall. After examination by experts at the hospital, he refused hospitalization and left the medical facility, reported the “360”.

Yesterday he held the first in a long time, the performance in St. Petersburg. The Maestro became the guest star of the concert in honor of the city “Classics at the Palace”. The emergence of Dmitry on the scene broke a storm of applause gathered, despite the inclement weather, the public.