Keanu Reeves walks around Saint-Petersburg

Киану Ривз гуляет по Санкт-Петербургу Residents of the Northern capital for several days on the heels of the Hollywood star. Keanu Reeves is taking part in the filming of Matthew M. Ross of Russia. In his spare time is playing the role of Neo explores St. Petersburg.

In the Northern capital, often filmed movies and TV shows, but this hype around the film project among St. Petersburgers it was not long ago. The thing is that now in the city on the Neva works Keanu Reeves.

Famous actor plays a major role in the film called “Siberia”. In the story, its hero sells precious stones and comes to Russia to meet with the supplier by the name of Peter. When the latter disappears, the unfortunate foreigner has to go in the Russian province for the sake of his quest. The Director of the project was made by Matthew M. Ross, and Thriller will be only in 2018. By the way, Ross shared on Instagram a picture from the North of the capital on the day of arrival.

“Good morning from St. Petersburg”, – has signed a frame producer.

However, residents of Saint Petersburg have little concern other participants of the shooting process, and the plot of the new Hollywood they are not important: a lot more they are interested in starring. Keanu Reeves has already visited the airport “Pulkovo” and the Lion bridge in the heart of the city on the Neva. Fans of the actor have seen him walking alone in the Northern capital, and on the day of his arrival at the hotel “Angleterre” gathered a crowd of fans of Hollywood celebrities. Some of the fans of the actor claimed that he left St. Petersburg on may 24, but recently a celebrity was again seen on the Neva river. Apparently, the filming process was delayed, and the residents are happy about that.

Sam Reeves is photographed with pleasure with everyone, but most of the time on cordoned off the set. The actor is on a new career after the success of the film “John Wick” and its sequels. Now Keanu 52, but he keep up the creative momentum: only in 2017 scheduled the output of three projects with participation of stars.

However, some fans noticed that their idol looked worried and sad. For many years the actor called the saddest Hollywood celebrity. Let us not forget that Keanu Reeves grieved at the death of his pregnant girl, and later after a long illness he died, his sister. Despite all the difficulties of life, the darling of the public continues to play and delight fans with new roles.