Became known details of the secret wedding of Adele

Стали известны подробности тайной свадьбы Адель
The singer did not want to get married in a Church.



Although the marriage of Adele held as
it became clear, in December, the first details of the ceremony begin to appear only
now. They reported the online edition of the

How did you find the reporter, the singer
became a married lady right after Christmas. Because Adele is not
want to turn your holiday in the show, she tried to arrange things so that
to her the ceremony was accompanied by as little noise and fuss. Therefore, the singer
was not married in the Church, nor to hold a big Banquet in a restaurant. She and her fiance Simon Konecki limited to the exchange of wedding vows and rings
home. Of the guests the ceremony was attended by only few close relatives,
including the singer’s mother penny and 10-year-old Victoria, daughter of the groom from the previous novel. The couple have also invited friends — Robbie Williams
and his wife IDA field.

Adele was a first-class conspirator. She was able to perfectly classify the marriage, and to do so, that’s almost two
months nobody knew that she was married. The result
she had the opportunity to safely enjoy their new status. Although, of course,
after paparazzi caught the singer during the new year shopping with a ring on your finger, the rumors about her possible wedding still went. But, nevertheless, when on February 12 during
ceremony Grammy Adele from the stage called her boyfriend and the father of the son
singer Angelo husband, it was all a big surprise.

Recall that Adele and Simon began
to meet in 2011, and a year later the singer gave birth to Koneski son Angelo. Singer
repeatedly said that she is very happy with Simon, but for son decided at the end of his round to make
a long break in concert activities.