Olga Kormukhina about family life: “If you beat her — so deserved!”

Ольга Кормухина о семейной жизни: «Если поколачивает — значит заслужила!»
The actress said the secrets of a happy marriage.

Olga Kormukhina

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “Alone with all”

Olga Kormukhina for 17 years happily married with Alexei Belov. The singer is sure: the strongest marriages are always based first and foremost not on love or passion, but on friendship between husband and wife. In her case, it just happened. She admits that first date I realized that I met my closest friend. Then their friendship gradually grew into love. Olga compares his relationship with the spouse with a rose which petal by petal unfolded for 17 years.

According to Kormukhina, in human life all encounters are not random. Each situation should help everyone to understand something. For example, if the man in the family allows itself to raise the woman’s hand, so she needs to think about what in this life does not.

“The fact that the Lord sends us those people who are beneficial to our spiritual growth. Now, if the husband beat her, so be it. It means something to deserve, — said Olga in the program “Alone with all”. — Of course, I do not take into consideration pathological cases. But some have slap give. Know how fainted? What is the faint spiritually? This is when a man numb in a sort of his fault and his family terrorized. Yes, I even sometimes I give myself the “better”!”

A quarrel in the family of 56-year-old Kormukhina happen rarely, but still sometimes happen. The main “keys” to overcome the misunderstanding between husband and wife, Olga believes humility and patience. First it helps to maintain normal, inherent nature, the relationship with her husband, the second serves as an assistant in education of children. In dealing with his 16-year-old daughter Anatolia Olga tries not to push his authority. All vital installations in view of the honoured artist, the child receives not due to moralistic parents. What man will grow, just depends on what kind of example he sees at home.