Mikhail Galustyan with his wife celebrated the first anniversary of my daughter

Михаил Галустян с супругой отпраздновали первый юбилей дочки
Humorist gathered his friends at the feast, the younger heiress.

Михаил Галустян с супругой отпраздновали первый юбилей дочки

Photo: @mkozhevnikova Instagram Maria Kozhevnikova

Mikhail Galustyan with his wife Victoria hosted a dinner party in honor of the birthday of his youngest daughter, Elina. On the occasion they invited their closest friends. To wish daughter Galustyan the best came the stars of show business with his mate. At the party visited Jeanne and Garik Martirosyan, Alexander Revva, Angelica, Maria Kozhevnikova, and others.

Wife did not, as it is now among the popular artists, to advertise the children’s party in social networks. Kozhevnikova was the only one who wrote a message and showed the birthday party: the guests were photographed with the parents of the birthday girl holding the number five.

Mikhail Galustyan with his wife Victoria and daughters Estella and Elina

Photo: @Instagram viktoriagalustyan Victoria Galustyan

In addition to the five-year Elina, in the family of Michael growing up and the eldest daughter Estella. This fall, the girl will go to the first class. In the meantime, both daughters showman attend a private kindergarten, where gymnastics, swimming, drawing and music. Galustyan is raising daughters in severity. However, because of the work he sees them not so often. Michael was of the view that children during the day should be as busy with useful activities.

By the way, this summer Michael and his wife will celebrate the tin wedding. From the day of marriage the comedian has been almost 10 years. Galustyan once admitted that in their family made to give the right gifts. He usually tells his wife that he would like to on a particular holiday, and Victoria usually gives money.