Бьюти-лайфхак: блогер советует красить губы клеем

The girl figured out how you can save up to 3 thousand on the fashionable Tinto.

Oh, those brilliant bloggers! We observe with interest the trends that appear in social networks. For example, recently a makeup artist from Toronto, Arzo came up with a strange way of applying lipstick: Arzo offers pasted to literally tape your mouth and apply lipstick in any form – anyway, past you make up will not work.

This time the American beauty bloggers have offered to paint the lips with glue!

Nora Mansour and Ani Esmailian – beauty-bloggers from Los Angeles, who love to invent something new and unusual. For butyricum is not a secret that the most fashionable and convenient product lip – tint, which is applied on the lips evenly, and then the top layer is removed the film, leaving lips smooth bright color, which eliminates the marks on the glass and the lips of the beloved. The price of such funds varies from 1000 to 4000 rubles!

Nora and Ani has offered to mix non-toxic glue and food coloring, then apply them on the lips and also to remove the film! Judging by the final video, on the lips of the girls remains only the dye, creating the effect of a beautiful lipstick. However, some fans of the bloggers did not appreciate such life hack: how neoskin glue may be, it is not intended for the face! What do you think?

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