New from Biotherm moisturizes and soothes the skin

Новинка от Biotherm увлажняет и успокаивает кожу

The brand has introduced a new gel for the body that intensely nourishes the skin while refreshing it. An excellent option for burnt by the sun girls.

Do residents of large cities, for every minute counts. Quick charges in the morning, a full day of work and evening training in the gym. At this rate requires Express tools for self-care, the use of which will not take a lot of time. Recently, the French brand Biotherm has introduced an original novelty – light body gel Aqua-Gelée with cooling properties. Thanks to the natural complex Life marine Plankton and nourishing Shea butter in the product deeply moisturises even very dry skin and yet gives a sense of pleasant coolness. The representatives of the brand and draw attention to the fact that to put it on the feet instead of foot cream. Light texture Aqua-Gelée that really resembles jelly, allows the gel to be absorbed instantly – a couple of minutes and you are ready to get dressed up.

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