Pregnant Ksenia Sobchak is much prettier

Беременная Ксения Собчак заметно похорошела

Fans of the TV presenter has noticed that the journalist and socialite became softer and more feminine.

Not all future mothers are that lucky, to be Frank. But pregnancy on the exterior of the Xenia effect in the best way. Despite the fact that the star often became to abandon make-up, she looks blooming.

While subscribers Sobchak in the microblog noticed that her expression softened, she became softer and more feminine.

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By the way, is that a woman is prettier when expecting a boy. They say that girls are “taken away” from mom beauty and boy, on the contrary, force her to blossom. Judging from the appearance Sobchak, they Maxim Vitorgan waiting for probate.

In addition, the pregnancy Xenia is not influenced her fashion preferences: star continues to wear shoes with breathtaking heels and gorgeous dresses from couture that accentuate her lovely figure. However, the star cleverly posing so as not to draw attention to the rounded forms. And although the army of her fans are eagerly waiting for “pregnant” outputs Sobchak, it is unlikely this will happen.

“I’m not going to upload pictures of the baby in “Instagram”. I am horrified by events such as the debutante ball, where adult women dress their daughters for themselves and give light weight their diamonds. No need to turn this into a situation with cats,” – voiced his position Sobchak in an interview to our colleagues from Elle, meaning that it does not intend to expose this side of their lives out.

We will remind, it became known that Sobchak is selling his apartment on Tverskaya-Yamskaya. The estate is estimated at 100 million rubles. The one that wife Vitorgan acquired after marriage in the fall of 2015 in the heart of Moscow. Even then, they have provided the nursery and even started to make it.

About it then told father Maxim and father-in-law of Xenia, the people’s artist of Russia Emmanuel gedeonovich Vitorgan in interview to TV channel REN-TV: “it’s Time to give birth! Right. Anything concrete and specific I can not tell you. We know only one thing – they are with Maxim recently acquired apartment. And when we came to them, they showed us the room for the baby. For kids! And will they be and when will be… When they are busy, I’m afraid it will happen too late. I’m afraid I’ll outbid them”.

By the way, my husband Sobchak already has children from a previous marriage with actress Victoria Weerberg: daughter Pauline and son Daniel. But for Xenia child will be the first.

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