Beauty digest: from makeup to the teeth to mask-droppers

Бьюти-дайджест: от макияжа для зубов до масок-капельниц

Chrom mark presented an unusual colored lacquer for the teeth, The Oozoo invented moisturizing mask-dropper, and the brand Kenzo released his debut makeup tool. What else they talked about in the world of beauty this week — read our material.

Makeup for teeth

A new beauty brand has come up with Chrom color nail Polish for teeth. The creators claim that the tool can remove in seconds, and it lasts for days, not lubricated and has no taste. Now you can buy 10 different nail colours — bright, pastel and metallic. We asked famous artists to comment on the unusual trend.

Бьюти-дайджест: от макияжа для зубов до масок-капельниц
Teeth metal shade — old topic from the world of hip-hop. I like this idea, it is possible to make metallic or tooth colored a bright shade! About pastel shades I’m not sure, perhaps it will look not very nice. But the whole idea is impressive, and you can pick up a new element to their style, as long as it was safe— says Anton Zimin, a senior makeup artist With M. A. Russia and the CIS.

His colleague Ekaterina Ponomareva sure it’s a trend for young people in which a new generation in search of identity chooses not only a bright shade of hair or clothing, but the color of the teeth. However, the makeup artist I’m sure that in our country this trend take root with difficulty.



Known for his love of innovative care and space design, The Korean brand Oozoo launched an unusual mask-dropper: “Double moisture” and “Vitamin cocktail” (1 130 rubles apiece). They moisturize the skin and promise to charge it with energy for five days.

For a special effect in response to the special ingredient, code-named PatcH2OTM (it prevents moisture loss and enhances the natural protective function of the skin), as well as a mix of argan oil, macadamia and jojoba. To activate the care you need, mixing the contents of the ampoule with a cloth mask microfiber right before application. After the flight, fun nights and the busiest working days. Urgently two dice moisture vnutrimatocny!

Brand Kenzo has released the first tool for makeup — palette World of Kenzo Eye Palette

The creation of the creative Duo of Kenzo, Carol lim and Humberto Leon — Kenzo magic eye World looked at previously uncharted brand territory of the makeup tools. The brand has released the first in its history palettes of eye shadow. Within eight striking shades of charcoal grey to rose-gold, all of them shimmering, rich and velvety. Good for a holiday make and for everyday. The palette can be purchased at discount in the online store “Rive Gauche” (1 450 rubles).

A video in support of flavor Ombre Leather from Tom Ford, created in conjunction with Jay-Z and Beyonce

A lover of provocation Tom Ford has introduced a new fragrance Ombre Leather for men and women. The composition resembles the smell of expensive leather bags. Unisex fragrance is intoxicating spicy cardamom, saffron, Indian Jasmine, patchouli, vetiver and black leather (all in Ombre Leather 16, 2016). Light, subtle notes of white moss and warm amber evoke the image of sun-baked earth of the canyon, revealing aroma of hot rocks and sand. Eau de Parfum is presented in a sleek matte black bottle of 50 ml volume (9 200 rubles) and 100 ml (12 890), which resembles the shape of a chess piece.

Бьюти-дайджест: от макияжа для зубов до масок-капельниц

Promotional video in support of flavor shot of Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z.

Personalized candles with engraved name or initials Tonka Perfumes Moscow

To relax a little after a hard day’s work, there is nothing better than to light a fragrant candle. Tonka Perfumes Moscow — a Russian perfume brand, founded by Mira Broman and Mikhail Badigin in 2017 — offers a choice of six options. Tonka candle is the aroma of Tonka bean, nutmeg, cinnamon, tobacco and Madagascar vanilla, the composition of the candle Bazar was inspired by a Bazaar, which is on wooden trays, the hot noon sun, decomposed and dried fruits of juicy black plum. Svezhiy — is the memory of school holidays spent in the village. The candle smells of cut grass, mint, Basil, rose and cedar. Yuzhnaya Kozha — the scent of tanned skin and sea breeze. Inzhir is the sweet smell of Fig and black currant, and Altai — the Christmas aroma with notes of Tibetan cedar, fir, Manila elemi resin and guaiac wood.

Бьюти-дайджест: от макияжа для зубов до масок-капельниц

On the creation of compositions for candles worked with famous perfumers, the authors of Comme des Garcons fragrances, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford and Chloe. The basis of candle — natural apricot hypoallergenic wax, which is absolutely safe when heated, retains the aroma and evenly melted. Thus, a candle with a volume of 220 grams burn time of up to 42 hours.

If you are already thinking about Christmas gifts, Perfumes Tonka Moscow you can do engraving with a name or initials on the glass candle holder.

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