Экспертное мнение: все, что нужно знать о винирах

Money can’t buy happiness but you can buy a perfect smile. Lindsay Lohan, Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Melania trump, Scarlett Johansson, Tom cruise, demi Moore — all of these celebrities in the time set veneers and became happy owners of snow-white, perfectly smooth and beautiful teeth. Together with an expert-a dentist versed in all intricacies of costly treatments.

According to the ADA (American dental Association), 80 per cent of people would like to improve the condition of their teeth. Among all the possible variants of correction of the smile becoming more and more popular veneers — a thin plate covering the tooth surface on the outside. We asked experts to answer the most common questions about the now fashionable procedure.

Экспертное мнение: все, что нужно знать о винирах

What are veneers and how to distinguish them from natural teeth?

Veneers — are thin ceramic plates, in which the tooth is restored and strengthened, also improves its appearance (shape and color). Simply put, this new enamel on the tooth. Well-made veneers can not simply be removed. It can only soshlifovat from the tooth. That is a veneer, in fact, it is part of the tooth. Quality veneer is almost indistinguishable from the tooth, it looks very natural, natural and beautiful,— said the chief doctor of dental clinic “dental Pro”, PhD, Alexander Hahn.

How to understand that you are a suitable candidate for veneers. In some cases, it is impossible to dispense with splints or braces?

With the help of magnifying devices (microscope and binoculars) dentists can produce ultra-thin veneers, soshlifovat microns dental tissues without harming the tooth. The expert explained that the intervention of the orthodontist is required when it is necessary to correct the position of teeth (e.g. due to crowding) with the help of splints and braces.
Sometimes patients come with a request to supply them with veneers, but first they need to undergo orthodontic treatment. Their teeth are actually fairly good quality, but they are so twisted that they don’t understand it. The right treatment is to straighten them and maybe bleach, says dentist NYC Smile Design-ELISA Mello.

Экспертное мнение: все, что нужно знать о винирах

Who is not allowed to put veneers?

Contraindications to install veneers is not much. We will not consider the difficult situation related to overall health status.
One of the local contraindication is the lack of lateral posterior teeth, which can affect the service life of the front teeth themselves, not just veneers. Another contraindication is a strong crowding — not enough space in the jaw for the teeth. When gum disease (periodontitis), we will not be able to supply veneers, therefore, we first treated the gums, — says Alexander Hahn.

Экспертное мнение: все, что нужно знать о винирах

What is it made of veneers and how to choose the right size?

Veneers are made from a special ceramic material. The physician first selects the size and shape of the veneers. For this purpose there is a special technique — “digital smile design” (Digital smile design). With her help and making a series of photos, you can pre-simulate the future shape of the veneers on the computer. Then the doctor agrees to this form with the patient, makes the fitting veneers, again agrees and then proceeds to manufacture. If every step done correctly, then the smile will turn out perfect.

How is the install and is it true that their teeth are actually worn down?

The doctor makes one or two of the veneer. It is impossible to glue veneers all at once. The fixing glue is so strong that to remove it can be very difficult. Typically, the fixing a veneer takes 15-30 minutes, sometimes longer.

Teeth are actually not worn down, because most often we on the contrary are increasing in the size of the erased or destroyed tooth. Our equipment allows to extend the preparation of the tooth with pinpoint accuracy and minimal ground tissues — explains the expert.

During installation fifty percent of patients feel like the veneer is glued to the tooth. The discomfort can last six hours after the anesthesia is terminated. Doctors recommend drinking ibuprofen during this time period. A few days after the procedure starts the adaptation period, dull pain may occur during the meal.

Экспертное мнение: все, что нужно знать о винирах

Are there any contraindications after?

After there are no contraindications. You can eat, drink, chew everything that is done with the usual teeth. If applies to veneers as carefully as his own teeth, then nothing will happen for years to come.
I usually tell patients that if there is something that can break your own teeth, then the veneer will crack. You don’t have to change your lifestyle because you have veneers installed, but you need to exercise caution, says Dr. Ramin Tabib.

Экспертное мнение: все, что нужно знать о винирах

Will it be possible through conditional 10-15 years to remove veneers? Without them it will look like the teeth?

According to Alexander Khan, to take veneers as well as Lumineers, will not work. The fact that the veneer is in one piece with the tooth, so it can only soshlifovat. Is it to make the tooth remains the same as it was before the installation of the veneer, will not work. The expert admitted that such situations when it is necessary to soshlifovat veneers in his practice are extremely rare. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that veneers are made forever.

Why veneers are so expensive?

Well-made veneers involves the skill of the dental technician and doctor, modern expensive equipment and materials, extensive experience, and so on. The wizard can’t be cheap. At the moment we can say that reached the level of international dental practices and use the world’s best techniques in the manufacture of veneers. This confirms a large number of patients who come to us from abroad. In the West the services of this level are much more expensive (four thousand dollars), — answers the expert.

Экспертное мнение: все, что нужно знать о винирах

Then how to care for your teeth?

After care teeth is the same as without them. It implies correct a thorough dental cleaning twice a day (preferably with a toothpaste without larger abrasive particles), scrubbing the gaps using floss and the Waterpik and regular examination at the dentist.

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