Бьюти-дайджест: от Кары Делевинь в рекламе Dior до самых популярных бьюти-запросов года в Google

Kara Delving

The sale came “tasty” in the palette of shadows in the form of pizza, Cara Delevingne unexpectedly became the face of Dior, but the experts of the American brand, Feather & Bone have come up with cleansers for the face tablets. What else they talked about in the world of beauty this week — read our material.

Kara Delevin became the face of Dior

26-year-old British model and actress Cara Delevingne has become the new Ambassador of Dior, which will be released in March. She will provide tools Addict Stellar Shine created by Peter Philips, creative and image Director for makeup brand.

Kara has already collaborated with the brand a year ago, she was the face of anti-aging line against the first signs of aging skin care Capture Youth, which includes antioxidant day cream and five sera. While Dior has just introduced a single advertising picture and a little hint, like a new lipstick will look on the lips.

Бьюти-дайджест: от Кары Делевинь в рекламе Dior до самых популярных бьюти-запросов года в Google
Kara Delving

“Ugly” sweater — winter trend in manicure

Baubles, glitter, weave patterns — nail-masters offer us this season to be inspired by the design “ugly” Christmas sweaters. Judging by the number of photos under the hashtag #UglySweater in Instagram, this manicure has become a real trend.

Cleanser in tablet

Control the portions now associated not only with food but also with the field of beauty thanks to the American brand of Feather & Bone, which offers the ideal quantity of funds for cleansing the face in the form of tablets. How does it work? Place tablet Feather & Bone in your hand, add water, while pushing for the tablet to break it, it will turn into a paste. Apply it on face, massage and rinse. You’re done!

By the way, Lumene this year, also released a similar tool. In the advent calendar stamps included molded mask in the form of candy.

Бьюти-дайджест: от Кары Делевинь в рекламе Dior до самых популярных бьюти-запросов года в Google

Fragrances Demeter by the National day of Qatar

Perfume from Demeter project “Library of fragrances” released an unusual collection of Oriental fragrances Treasures of Qatar on the eve of the National day of Qatar in Russia, timed to the cross Year of culture of Russia and Qatar in 2018. Treasures of Qatar talks about Qatar through the history of different landmarks of the state. The authors of the collection are offered to mentally walk the streets of the cities of this country, energy, ocean, plunge into the sandy desert. Just a collection of seven fragrances. For example, floral and spicy Zekreet extols the greatness of Secret, and the sea Al Udaid is a story about the aquamarine waters and sandy beaches.

They are all presented in the format of bottles of 30 ml, the price of each flavor is 1700 rubles. If you can’t wait to meet them, come on 15 and 16 December in the Central house of artists on the Christmas charity fair Meet Qatar. No time — not a problem, new items will be available on the website biblioteka.shop/Qatar.

Most popular search beauty-2018 queries in Google

Every time we have a problem, issue or desire, we immediately turn to Google. Butyric regularly looking for everything, including the means of skin care, trends in hairstyles and tutorials for makeup. Traditionally in December, Google analyzes the data for the last year and talks about the most popular queries in the search bar. In 2018, people were obsessed with eyelashes. In the top two requests: “how to use magnetic lashes” and “what is keratin lifting lashes “.

Here is the full list.

1. How to use magnetic lashes
2. What is keratin lifting lashes
3. How to remove false eyelashes
4. What color hair do I will go
5. How to draw a cat arrow
6. How to wash off makeup without using a cotton pad
7. How to apply aloe Vera
8. How to stick in the home false eyebrows
9. How to fix layered makeup
10. How to apply concealer

Бьюти-дайджест: от Кары Делевинь в рекламе Dior до самых популярных бьюти-запросов года в Google

Palette in the form of pizza

Do you love pizza as much as the cosmetic brand Glamlite Cosmetics? The brand has released a new “most delicious” Pizza palette Palette dedicated to this nutritious treat. Inside — 18 ultraprevention eyeshadow shades such as Extra Cheese (a warm shade of orange), Ham (medium pink) and Marinara (dark crimson), all of them, as you guessed, named after the popular toppings of the pizza.

All colors are bright and saturated, so the palette would be a great gift for someone who loves beauty experiments. Packaging is made in the form of pizza boxes. Pizza Palette sells for $ 40 and now available on the website of the brand.


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