Wanted: makeup palette from Svetlana Loboda and Beautydrugs

Wanted: палетка для макияжа от Светланы Лободы и Beautydrugs

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — beauty-set created by Svetlana Loboda and Beautydrugs. It includes a palette that is easy to use and produces a clear, false eyelashes and eyelash glue.

Svetlana Loboda is a perfectionist and believes that the public actor has to look perfect. That is why, the singer devotes a lot of time grooming and make-up. To make a make a La Loboda and feel like a “superstar”, will help the novelty of an unexpected collaboration of the star with the beauty brand Beautydrugs.

In beauty set includes four sparkling shades and silk false eyelashes and glue. Colors palettes eyeshadow to prolong the effect of sunburn (if you’ve already had the chance to fly on vacation) even in the cold Russian winter.

Wanted: палетка для макияжа от Светланы Лободы и Beautydrugs

The light color eye shadow (champagne color, which are somewhat reminiscent of bestseller from Becca) can be used as a highlighter and also as a top coating for lipstick to create a glossy 3D effect.

According to the creators of the new, darker shades it will go for a bronzer or a sculpturing tool, but we do not advise experimenting (there is a chance to get a brown band instead of the sunken cheeks).

Looked rather nice palette. When you put out a product that you like, you can be proud of what you do. I can safely say that this palette corresponds to the quality of the makeup that I love — shared the star at an autograph session.

Inside the modestly decorated cardboard box, you will find more and detailed scheme drawing. Apply a light shade as a basis, the dark pigment is on the outer edge of the eyelid and lower lash, and gold — on the part of the mobile century. All of the classics (probably similar to the manual you already know by heart).

Wanted: палетка для макияжа от Светланы Лободы и Beautydrugs

False eyelashes, it should be noted, turned out to fame: the best of lush, soft and thin (and not bundles, and the whole band). Many people believe that the false eyelashes immediately transform the look, but most often do not look natural. However, these can not be afraid to become the owner of doll eyelashes like Nicki Minaj. For the miniature glue in the set, of course, thank you, but in combination with plastic packaging, it looks extremely unpresentable and cheap.

Wanted: палетка для макияжа от Светланы Лободы и Beautydrugs

As for shadows, they are well pigmented, applied in one movement and easily become flustered, but the problem was that much dust. To deal with this is simple — either put a damp flat brush, either on a qualitative basis. But the shadows are clearly not regret it, even with daily use this palette you have your grandchildren will peredarit.

Wanted: палетка для макияжа от Светланы Лободы и Beautydrugs

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