Beaten Muscovite sues husband kidnapped daughter

Избитая москвичка судится с мужем, похитившим дочь Sonya Berezovskaya asks for help. The other day her husband, with whom they do not live together, broke into the apartment along with five men. They beat the two women, mistress and her friend, and the little Seraphim took. Friends are trying to support Sonya and to raise money for medical and legal assistance to victims.
Избитая москвичка судится с мужем, похитившим дочь

The Muscovite Sonya Berezovskaya was the victim of a violent spouse. As reported on its page in a social network, December 18, Sergey Pogosyan broke into her apartment. Along with him were four strong men. Beating wife and her friend, the husband took the baby and drove away in an unknown direction.

Fortunately was helped by the lawyer. With his help and with the support of the officers the baby was returned.

Berezovskaya and Pogosyan for six months now suing for the divorce and residency of the child. Due to bureaucratic delays final decision on the case is still pending, the next hearing is scheduled for the end of January.

“Assistance from the internal Affairs bodies had been received, they do not want to take up the case, arguing that the father has the right to take the child, and beatings – only showdown between the spouses. This is a small victory that the baby’s mother. The big fight is still ahead. Sonja need the help of doctors and lawyers, but it requires money. Ask people who care to help financially,” – said in the message, which was distributed in the social network of women friends.

Later, it was reported that Pogosyan believes that the daughter fell ill during a stay with his mother. To deny this information Sonya posted on the social network medical records with the name of a small Seraphim.

“Pogosyan trumpeting that he has help from doctors, which says that SIM is sick! This is a blatant lie. If there is reference, so faked! With him gone. It is not one lime in the trial was and tormented me, delaying and delaying the divorce and child support! Tests she is OK! The girl is healthy, except stress resulting from attack by her “loving dad”. We are forced to hide, not to go anywhere, Pogosyan threat, he’s a sociopath,” said Sonia.

Избитая москвичка судится с мужем, похитившим дочь

According to the woman, the police did not take adequate measures, as the detective closed the case about kidnapping. Sonya claims that Sergei many times laid a hand on her, even when she was pregnant.

“My husband refused to buy the necessary products for me during pregnancy, saying, “learn to tie intestine to the pasta and buckwheat can safely live”. And it’s not because it was not possible to buy something (he worked and I always found a way to get money), but because he’s greedy and spending on food finds abnormal costs. In this regard, all my pregnancy was quite difficult, the child was pulled out of my internal resources, I’m eight times for two weeks lying on the conservation. Of them four times after beating real risk of miscarriage in the second and third trimesters. I was under ongoing pressure, used assault for the slightest disobedience or not that tone,” – says Berezovsky.