Надя Ручка впервые показала лицо сына Former soloist of popular group “Shining” came out with the baby. Nadia Pen visited the children’s events organized by her friend, business lady Svetlana Yermolova. The singer appeared on the evening along with baby and her boyfriend Denis.
Надя Ручка впервые показала лицо сына

In August, the former soloist of group “Brilliant” Nadia Handle for the first time became a mother. 36-year-old singer gave his civil spouse Denis a son named Leo. The parents loved the baby and try to give him all the free time, and recently decided to bring to the party. The pair visited an event organized businesswoman Svetlana Yermolova.

The photo that appeared on Instagram Handle, she is depicted together with darling and charming baby. The singer revealed the baby’s face, but chose to hide his eyes funny stickers superimposed on the photo in your photo editor. Hope and her boyfriend Dennis look very happy. The actress holding a little Lion.

“It was a magical and joyfully today! Let your girls grow up healthy and happy to the delight of all of us” – asked the singer to Yermolova.

Social media users marveled at the harmony that reigns in the family Pen. They also left her child a lot of compliments. “What are you good”,”Nice to see you”, “Happy”, “it’s not child adult”, “I Wish you kids next year”, “Lovely”, commented fans of the artist.

Last weekend, a friend of the former soloist of group “Brilliant” Svetlana Yermolov first baptized his youngest daughter Michaline and then celebrate the birthday of the elder Sandra. The girl was three years old. After friends business lady accompanied her in the Church, they went to the restaurant for the occasion. Yermolov had invited a lot of star friends, including Stas and Inna Mikhailov, Pavel Astakhov, Inna Malikova, Valdis Pelsh with his wife Svetlana, Philip Kirkorov, Katya LEL, Igor Gulyaev, and many others.

“Well, the bunch of us. Who in the woods, who for firewood! But really this is not important… the Main thing is that we are together! And always find a minute to congratulate each other, even in such hot for the artists! Happy birthday, little Sandra, and the christening of a little Mikhalin! Light, you’re beautiful and happy mother, the health of your whole family,” wrote the wife of Valdis Pelsh in social networks.

Add that godparents Mikhalin become fashion designer Igor Gulyaev and wife of Stas Mikhailov Inna. “Let the little girl grows happy and surrounded with care and love,” said the designer in social networks. In turn, another friend Yermolova – Inna Malikova thanked the friends for a lovely day. “Svetlana gave everyone a real holiday”, – said blonde.