Нани Брегвадзе выживает на мизерную пенсию, купив квартиру в центре Москвы 81-year-old actress continues to be to earn. Nani Bregvadze continues to live in two countries – Georgia and Russia. And refuses proposals to sing at private events.
Нани Брегвадзе выживает на мизерную пенсию, купив квартиру в центре Москвы

People’s artist of USSR Nani Bregvadze became known thanks to the work of the team “Orera”. In the 80s she started a solo career. It is considered one of those who revived on the stage of Russian and Gypsy romance.

Now 81-year-old actress continues to act. According to the singer, she has literally survive on a small pension, which she charges by the state. That is why she continues to accept invitations to speak at private events.

“In Georgia there is no possibility to make presentations – the country is small. So I often go to Russia is my business. Because I have a pension of modest – 180 gel per month (about four thousand. – Ed.). It’s like the salary of the cleaners in my block. I am happy to accept corporate events – in fact they pay good money,” said Bregvadze.
Нани Брегвадзе выживает на мизерную пенсию, купив квартиру в центре Москвы

Nani has admitted that the last time she so often received offers to speak at events. However, she notes that Soviet artists are popular until now.

Bregvadze lives in two countries – about twice a month she flies to Moscow. In the capital she has her own accommodation, which she acquired when a grandson began to study at the local University. The artist believes that seniors have to control the circle, the life and progress of the heirs.

“Just think that when young people are formed next to them should be more Mature and experienced to guide you on the right path. We grandson lived in a small “kopeck piece” on Nikitsky Boulevard. But now in its sixth year on the street I’ve got my own apartment,” – said the artist.

Bregvadze said that they did not use their fame. She remembered a time when her daughter decided to follow in her footsteps and also started singing, people’s artist was not to help her. In her opinion, the girl had to prove that it is entitled to take a seat on the stage. Nani Georgievna told the newspaper “World news” that the ECA even resented it on her famous mother.

“I never wanted around me in the family was a cult. Daughter and grandchildren have to admire me as a person, as a grandmother, not as a singer, a star, ‘ admitted Nani. – I do, I’ll tell you, too shy attention to themselves, don’t like going to parties, and if they go, trying to remain unnoticed. But still notice. So once everyone now has a camera in the cell phone, and all the time we need to play with someone”.