Аврил Лавин снова одинока

Аврил Лавин снова одинока

35-year-old American singer Avril Lavigne broke up with her lover, a Texas billionaire Philip Serafimom. Information that the pair no longer in a relationship confirmed by one of the relatives of the singer. And it is not surprising, because fans have noticed that a couple are seen together at public events.

Their relationship Avril and Philippe began in February 2018. They were introduced by a mutual friend and almost immediately the young men found the topic of conversation and frequent meetings. The fact that they started their relationship to hide did not. Their permanent place walks together became West Hollywood, where the paparazzi often photographed together. Also they had visited together on vacation in Italy, it happened a few months after Dating. The journalists managed to see a couple together for the last time in June of this year, then celebrity went shopping in Los Angeles. From the moment in the public eye they do not fall.

The cause of the breakup, the insider is not called. But apparently the singer is not upset, because the other day she was spotted alone at the birthday party of her good friend. The girl had fun and came off in full. In addition, discouraged she was not allowed career, because at the moment she passes a U.S. tour in support of new solo album.

Avril Lavigne is not one of those who love once and for life. To Philip she was in a serious relationship with producer Jonathan Rotan, their affair lasted almost a year. And indeed, in his 35 years of celebrity has been married twice already. Her first husband was Derek Wibly — soloist of the American band. The wedding happened in 2006, and their Union lived for 4 years. Three years later the girl got married the second time, also for singer Chad Kruger, with whom she had been married for 2 years. Two marriage Avril never had children.

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