48-летняя Дениз Ричардс делится потрясающими селфи без макияжа

48-year-old Denise Richards has shared the social network Instagram selfie gorgeous without makeup while celebrating with your family Thanksgiving! Denise Richards was tired from the hustle and bustle of Beverly hills and changed it to a rural retreat in Montana for Thanksgiving holiday. To play in the snow makeup is not needed!
Without a camera (except her own) in order to face Denise Richards, 48-year-old star of “Bravo” did not bother to do a full makeup during his visit on thanksgiving Day in Montana! Denise takes a break from filming the TV series “Real Housewives of Beverly hills” for the holiday, so she took a selfie without makeup, when I played in the snow on 27 November. “Cold but beautiful morning in #montana”, signed Denise the photo where you could see her naughty (and glowing) face, protruding from the camera angle. The white blanket of snow and pine trees served as a natural backdrop for a selfie Denise.

48-летняя Дениз Ричардс делится потрясающими селфи без макияжа
Denise also took a herd of deer frolicking in the wild grass, to its history in Instagram, writing: “Love Montana so much…. The deer running and playing…”. Denise admires not only the savagery of nature. She’s on a family vacation with their daughters Sam Sheen, 15 years old, Lola rose, 14, and Eloise, age 8, in addition to her husband Aaron Fibers, 47 years!
The family enjoyed the warm-up before thanksgiving November 21, but Eloise looked tired from traveling in another picture, which Dennis shared in Instagram. “A family vacation for Thanksgiving… Eloise can say that she’s worried and travels. I’m so happy to be with my beautiful family, thanks to God,” shared Denis a photograph of his family gathered at the dinner table, with such dishes as onion rings and chicken wings, laid out in front of them.

Denise also was in Montana this time of year in 2018, although with much more dire circumstances. Denise along with her family returned to the mountainous terrain after found that they “can’t live” in his house after the fire of Wolsey, which devastated the community of Malibu, which she revealed in her post in November 2018 . But Denise has for many years fascinated their daughters to Montana for adventures such as horseback riding and ice skating!

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