Мелисса Бенойст из сериала «Супергерл» заявляет о том, что пережила насилие в семье

Melissa Benoist has shared the shocking details of his violence in the 14-minute video in Instagram, admitting that she had a “poker face” and she thought she “loves” her abuser.
31-year-old Melissa Benoist, talks about his deep personal experience of survival in the family. The star of the show “Supergirl” made a shocking revelation in the emotional video via Instagram, in which she told the details of his experience in the letter. “So I usually don’t do those things, but I wrote something that I want to share, and I wanted to keep it in my words and didn’t need to edit it for publication,” she began in a 14-minute video. “I’ll read it out loud, and I’m really nervous, so bear with me… I survived domestic violence, which is something I never expected.” Then she delved into details about a previous partner with whom she dated for a while, but did not name him.

Мелисса Бенойст из сериала «Супергерл» заявляет о том, что пережила насилие в семье
Like many victims, Melissa hid the truth from the people close to her — including friends, family and work colleagues — and “changed” to become the man she “never imagined” what it will be. She described his personality in that time, aside from others, adding that her family can be difficult because of the control of the abuser. In the end, the friend started to recognise the signs and asked her if she suffers from domestic violence — and the specific incident led her to understand that she needs to make changes. “It was a blow to my face with his iPhone,” she explained. “The impact tore my iris, almost broke my eyeball and broke his nose. Left I swollen. I had a fat lip… something inside me broke, it’s gone too far.”

Мелисса Бенойст из сериала «Супергерл» заявляет о том, что пережила насилие в семье
The actress admitted that to leave him was difficult. “I had a complex feeling of guilt for what I’ve gone and hurt someone I have so long defended, and Yes, sad feeling that I left something familiar,” he continued in a long video. “But, fortunately, the people I let in, the more I was supported, I never lost the sense of clarity that kept telling me: “You don’t deserve it”. “In addition she also shared a series of publications in your profile, which States that IPV affects one in every fourth woman, and shares contact information for those seeking support. “To break this cycle was the most useful and inspiring choice I ever made for myself. I feel resistant force,” she added. “I will be healed from this for the rest of his life.”

In 2019 Melissa tied his relationship with his colleague on the series by Chris wood, 31, in the month of September. The pair — who plays a couple of Kara Danvers in the series, Supergirl and Mon-El in the show — cemented the relationship in a close circle are invited to a small ceremony in Ojai, California. Prior to that, Melissa was married to my ex-partner Blake Jenner, 27, from 2015 to 2017.

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