Осенний Instagram-тренд: космический маникюр

We know what a manicure will beautify your nails and mood this autumn.

The last two years beauty-trends develop not only the runways and stylists, but just buchalki in social networks! Should think of some unusual manicure or staining, choose a hashtag and voila, you have set new trend!

Space is not the first time appears among fashion beauty trends. Remember, I showed you how the West beauty bloggers were shown how to wear the outer hair coloring?

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“Space” Shatush made from all sorts of shades, reminiscent of pictures of the cosmos, blue, flowing purple, green, red, pink… Under the hashtag #galaxyhair you can find thousands of photos with a collage of examples of outer staining and similar images from space.

This time we look at photos of nails, where nail-master and an ordinary girl to create a cosmic design.

In fact, to create such a manicure is not as difficult as it seems. You will need dark blue and purple smoky shades of lipstick, sponge and foil. Apply a darker color on the entire area of the nail and let dry. Then pour the other colors and will create a “space” on the foil and the edge of the sponge in patting motions apply the shades on the nails.

May not work out the first time, but with proper skill you will surely get a fashionable space manicure.

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