Ученые нашли способ худеть во сне

Sleep and lose extra pounds is every woman’s dream. Doctors believe that it’s real.

Perhaps, over time diet and grueling workout will remain in the past. And to lose weight we will easily and naturally in sleep.

Scientists from the University of Iowa conducted a study and found that helps to drop those extra pounds at night, the website MedikForum.

— Our research has led to the conclusion that for burning excess calories during sleep are responsible bacteria in the gut, ” says the author of the experiment Professor of Microbiology John Kirby.

However, while experiments conducted “on the contrary”. Doctors focused the observation on the substance called risperidone that is used for the treatment of psychiatric disorders in adults and children. It turned out that when taking this drug, the patients gain weight due to the fact that risperidone violate the intestinal microflora.

Scientists believe that this discovery will help in further studies of metabolism and may lead to the development of new methods to combat obesity. And we are going to try to at least eat for the night.