Собчак похвасталась грудью, которая никуда не помещается

The expectant mother complained to the new curvy shape.

So 10 years ago, during the “House-2” Ksenia often heard in his address the attacks on a mannish figure. The audience loved the show to discuss her Breasts, or rather lack thereof. Now anybody and does not turn the language to say something like that. The pregnancy went star good, now it shape!

And, it seems that Xenia is very happy the way it changed her body. No wonder the presenter has published a photo, where the main character became her lush Breasts. Evil Sobchak, wrote, what inconvenience she is causing a new impressive size, but we all understood. Ksenia very much like yourself.

The brooch is rare for me type decoration. But here was their turn: that is not fastened-it is always possible to stab” – shared “grief” Sobchak.

Members reacted instantly and covered the mother with compliments.

“You were so good, better every day! Pregnancy suits you!”, – written by leading fans and wish easy birth, and I advise you to take care of yourself.

Many fans of the star got nervous her photo where Sobchak is on the head, then a video in which She dances to a song by Sergei Shnurov “Glasses Sobchachki”. Still, to give birth to her in the near future, it is time to go on maternity leave, and to leave work.

But I think Xenia is not going to do that. Despite its position as a leading full of energy and looks luxurious as ever. A good example for all moms.