Ashton Kutcher: “Our daughter almost killed my little brother!”

Эштон Катчер: «Наша дочка чуть не убила своего маленького братика!»
It became known as Mila kunis was actually going to name the baby.

Эштон Катчер: «Наша дочка чуть не убила своего маленького братика!»

Ashton Kutcher


Эштон Катчер: «Наша дочка чуть не убила своего маленького братика!»

Mila kunis daughter


During a recent television show On Air With Ryan Seacrest,
the facilitator was able to “talk” to Ashton
Kutcher, who told a few interesting stories about his family life.

For starters, Ashton admitted
what Mila wanted to name their 7-month-old son does not Dimitri, but quite differently.
Kutcher and his wife Mila kunis, the wedding at which he played in the summer of 2015 year
had intended to call the boy Walt in honor of Walt Disney. But
after the baby was born, Mila suddenly decided that the boy does not resemble
pre-selected name. “I went with the Cute in the car when she suddenly told me:
“No, it’s not like Walt. I think it has to be Dimitri!” And a couple of days
later, after thinking over her proposal
I decided that she’s right.” he told Ashton.

Since baby Dimitri
the order grew and became, as told Kutcher,
a favorite with the whole family. And, boy I love not only his parents, but
and big sister Ashton and Mila gave, at the time, boy’s name
Uayett. Girl, to the delight of parents, no jealous brother to mom and dad,
all the time eager to embrace him. Moreover, one is almost led to
the serious incident. “She’s too small and can not calculate the forces.
Once, in a fit of delight, she squeezed it so that almost killed…” —
admitted Kutcher.

Ashton Cute before
told me that Uayett has a desperate, impulsive and
absolutely fearless. “Looking at her daughter,
I have ceased to understand how young children manage to survive! Whether it is now
here window is open, I assure you, without hesitation, she stepped in it!”—
kunis said during one of his interviews. Ashton and gloomy joked:
“Before the year you care for children, worrying about their lives and health, and after years
your main task — to stop them from killing themselves!

Ashton Kutcher and Mila kunis with her son

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