The star of the show “the Perfect victim” revealed the secret of how to eat sweets without gaining weight

Звезда сериала «Идеальная жертва» раскрыла секрет, как есть сладкое и не поправляться
For this enough before taking dessert to eat only one ingredient.

Olga Sukhareva

Photo: photo from personal archive

Olga Sukhareva, who played a major role in the series “the Perfect victim”, looks very thin, but it can afford everything, even sweet.

“I have my own secret, — admitted the actress. — Before dessert I will eat a large bunch of greens: cilantro, or arugula, or parsley. This is enough not to gain weight, because the greens slows the absorption of fast carbs. And I just love sweet! And chocolate, and cakes, and croissants. But there is another important point. You need to distribute the products on time. A piece of cake without harm to the figures you have until noon, chocolate for Breakfast. I only eat dark, bitter, not milk. By the way, the bread that I love, I don’t buy and prepare myself.”

Due to the fact that Olga has excluded meat from their diet, she has discovered many new products.
“For example, celery root, used to make a soup with the addition of
coconut milk. And how delicious carrot and cabbage cutlets! I
constantly experimenting, especially with salads. You can use
exotic fruits, adding to the tomatoes and cucumbers, mango, papaya and
avocado. And you can boil or roast the beets. Ready to cut
cubes, add arugula, white cheese (or feta cheese), sprinkle
pine nuts and season with balsamic vinegar, and olive oil
either lemon juice or pomegranate sauce. Fall and winter replace the beets
on the pumpkin and then add to the salad tomatoes. As you can see, no meat
for a filling and tasty to feed the family. Breakfast cook the oatmeal on
coconut milk and add flax seed, different nuts or seeds…”.

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