Anna Semenovich frankly speaking about love

Анна Семенович откровенно заговорила о любви
The singer told about their experiences.

Anna Semenovich

Photo: personal archive of the singer

Anna Semenovich often shares with fans his thoughts about life: in his microblog she writes a lot about friendship, travel or lifestyle. Now S. quite unexpectedly talking about
love, or rather that in no event it is impossible to cling to a loved one
person. The singer just makes this point and gives examples. Can
to say that the experience itself tells Anne how to behave in one way or another
life situations.

“Why not cling — philosophizes Anna. Very interesting topic, and I
quite a long time studied it. If I say that we are all guests on this beautiful
the planet and we do not belong, I think, will understand and accept it
a few. But if we want to live happily and to get what we want, we need
learn to let go. Here, for example, the girl waited a long time for love and finally
I met the right. At first everything is perfect, but after a time begins
to manifest the fear of loss: what if he leaves me, I don’t deserve it. It
starts to cling to him, to call more often than necessary, be obsequious with, and at the same
all the time thinking about the bad ending. It all happened unhealthy lead. With this
moment and begin to destroy the relationship. All very
just, he (the same) you fell in love with another woman with his opinion, which is not
ugodnijim and not calling every 5 minutes, a partner, with whom it is interesting in
. Not to mention that when you lead, you block the energy
love and your feelings wither. To love is not to become a slave, it means
become a person who gets pleasure from a relationship with a partner,
who can defend their opinions and accept theirs.”

In addition, S. called
the reasons because of which you can break up with their partner. “If your favorite
people can’t hear you and requires you victims safely run from him, he could not
loves, and is asserting itself at your expense! — reflects the singer. — A sacrifice out of fear, not knowing
that the person with whom you are now, just not your people.”

According to Anna, it is necessary to clearly
know that nobody owns anybody. “All people on our planet have the freedom
will so enjoy their freedom and give freedom to others, says
singer. — Love is what
people and is not a shackle, it’s a beautiful bird that should not be put in a cage.
Its purpose is to soar in the sky and delight us with his appearance in our lives.”