Эшли Олсен застали в объятиях 59-летнего мужчины The designer meets with artist George Condo in new York. Saw a couple on a date at the restaurant Balthazar. They were holding hands and about something with enthusiasm talked. Later, paparazzi caught Ashley on the street with a huge bouquet of flowers.

      Эшли Олсен застали в объятиях 59-летнего мужчины

      Actress and designer Ashley Olsen is in a new relationship. The girl was very long one, as it could not meet a person who would be interested in her. However, recently, Ashley saw the Balthazar restaurant, which is located in new York, in the company’s 59-year-old artist George Condo. Couple passionately about something talked and held hands.

      “They looked like a granddaughter and grandfather, but only holding hands. It was clear that this is a romantic dinner,” – said the unknown, became an unwitting witness Dating.

      The paparazzi recently caught Ashley while walking with a big bouquet of beautiful flowers, which probably gave her a new man. For the first time George Condo were seen with Olsen in June of this year at the hotel Mercer. Then the painter said that their strictly professional relationship, as they both work in the arts. Previously, this Condo did the artwork for the boutique of the brand The Row, which belongs to the sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. In Instagram brand even posted a sketch created by 59-year-old artist.

      George Condo has divorced his wife Anna after 26 years of marriage in February 2015. He has two adult daughters. He drew a sketch for the album cover of Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, released in 2010. Condo also painted the famous Hermès Birkin bag, which the rapper bought for his wife Kim Kardashian for the New year.

      Ashley Olsen always preferred to have relationships with men much older than her. Earlier she met with a 47-year-old Director Bennett Miller, known for the movie “Fox Hunting”.

      Sister Ashley, Mary-Kate also do not mind the difference of age with the representatives of the stronger sex. She is married to 47-year-old Olivier Sarkozy. Surrounded by the pair say, that they began to think about how to have a baby. The girl even managed to get over himself and quit bad habits. Now Mary-Kate does yoga and aerobics classes, as he wants to have a healthy baby. The public reacted negatively to the fact that Olivier had an affair with a young girl. Mary-Kate did not take to heart negative comments in his address. “Everyone has their opinion. But I believe that it is better to focus on your life and not be too what is happening in the lives of others,” – said the designer.

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