Глюк'oZa пришла на свидание к мужу без белья The singer is resting with the whole family in Sunny Spain. Star shares his vivid snapshots of traveling in the microblog. The last shot struck fans Glyuk’oza his frankness. A mother of two children appeared in the photo without bra and panties.

      Глюк'oZa пришла на свидание к мужу без белья

      Gluk’oza is resting with family at the resort of Spain. Star spends time at the beach, visit the local Spa and playing with the children in pokemon. In the evening, the singer together with her husband Alexander went to dinner in the local restaurants of Marbella, and watch spectacular performances of flamenco dancers. While the wives do not exist for children looked after by the grandmother, Tamara Chistyakova.

      “She is honorary Professor, doctor of Sciences, head of Department and a long time it is possible to list them all! Well, you know me . But I never felt this difference, because we always find common themes, attitudes, and we look in one direction,” – said Natalia Ionova, posting a photo together with her mother in law.

      Mother-in-law Glyuk’oza not approve of her candid photos

      However, the attention of fans of the star have drawn other pictures of the singer. The star showed off two frames in which she appeared in a slinky purple dress with a deep neckline and cutout skirt. “Who the girl has supper, that and dances it”, – signed photo Glyuk’oza.

      Examining the sexy image Ionova, the most attentive fans saw that the woman was going to go to a restaurant with my husband without underwear. “As you do on the street is not afraid to let go”, “Spectacular views”, “It’s “naked” dress. Date be good”, “Soon will walk naked”, “Why dress wear, still everything is open,” wrote the followers of Natalia.

      In the second picture half the frame is a deep neckline. The fabric of the dress is transparent, so through it you can clearly see the chest. Fans wondering why in the microblog ion began to appear more and more candid shots.

      Husband of Natalia Alexander has nothing against open orders wife. The singer argues that he loves to surprise my loved one: I will wear the beautiful erotic lingerie, you will get a lap dance. Serious conflicts in the family almost does not occur.

      “We’re a fight, not for long — only podoima a little bit. Never go to sleep angry — be sure to sleep in one bed. Our family decided not to slam doors, to go into another room and even to sleep outside,” said Natalia.

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