Новую избранницу Славы Никитина сравнили с Таней Терешиной TV presenter has published the controversial photo. Despite the fact that Slava Nikitin did not introduced the girl who was with him in the picture, fans immediately attributed his new novel. The fans began a heated discussion and divided opinions, who approached the star of the screen more – the current girlfriend or ex-girlfriend Tanya Tereshina.

      For a long time the community discussed a loud tear of the singer Tanya Tereshinoy with her civil husband TV presenter Glory Nikitin. They did not hesitate to make to public discussion of the details of their separation and to present to each other claims in social networks. Sometimes the pair gave hope to all the fans that perhaps they will be able to overcome their differences and getting back together. However, despite the fact that they have a teenage daughter ARIS again to restore the relationship they fail.

      From love to hate: why split the Union Thani Tereshinoy and Glory Nikitin

      Slava Nikitin was intrigued by all of its subscribers in the social network, posting a photo with a mysterious stranger. Sam broadcaster did not name his companion neither the name nor to mention her in the picture. Under the post Nikitin left mysterious signature.

      “And how did I managed to catch this wonderful pokemon? Caught hold” – indefinitely wrote Thank.

      Fans immediately began to discuss the new darling of the TV channel RU.TV and compare Tanya Tereshinoy. Someone thought that the singer more suited Glory, but others noted that the lovers are together very harmonious. However, some members questioned that the girl in the photograph – love Nikitin.

      “Dear girl! Straight from the heart I wish happiness, and tortured I think! With her or with another, the main thing is happiness and that is not badass”, “What a bad habit with someone to compare? Beautiful girl by itself!”, “Cute girl is contraindicated to read comments here. Happiness and understanding be with you!” – spoken by the followers of the microblog TV stars.

      Apparently, the former civil spouse Nikitina has also established personal life. Not long ago, Tanya Tereshina declassified young man, who spent her days relaxing. Together they enjoyed one of the best resorts on the Cote d’azur. Tereshina has published a picture taken after waking up. The actress and her partner stood on the balcony wearing a Bathrobe. However, the fans have divided into two camps. Some of them were sincerely happy that the singer has finally found happiness, while others are wary about her novel, believing that the young man looks too young. But among the followers there were those, who thought the next provocation Tereshinoy, which has also intrigued the public the ambiguous frames.

      Tanya Tereshina has unveiled new lover

      For a long time, the singer hinted that she is very worried for her marriage with Nikitin has been a disaster. Despite this, old lovers try to keep their total daughter received maximum attention from each parent.

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