Как Меган Маркл и принц Гарри поздравили жителей Бирмингема с Международным женским днем?

This Tuesday the future wife of Prince Harry Meghan Markle has made an important step, going through the rite of baptism and adopting Anglicanism. Just a day, she again appeared in public, congratulating the people of Birmingham with International women’s day.

This city to visit the couple has chosen not by chance: Harry and Megan attended the special event dedicated to the promotion of young girls who dream to connect their lives with science, technology and other disciplines which, according to stereotypes, are still considered “male”. Students and student who chose the rocket, and not the cross-stitching, I was able to talk with the Royal couple on one of the Central streets of Birmingham.

Despite the fact that the majority of the guests are future scientists, Meghan Markle met a young actress. Sophia Richards told the Prince that he always wanted to be an actress. Hearing that, Harry immediately brought Sophia to Megan. Despite the fact that she abandoned her acting career in favor of his relationship with Prince, a couple of tips in the profession accurately to give you can. And so it happened: the bride of Prince Harry and the girl talked and even hugged. “Megan told me that one day she will see me in a movie” — after a happy Sofia press.

Recall that an acting career is not the only thing Megan had to give up for marriage with her lover. She has also deleted all his social media accounts, and on March 6, was transferred to the Anglican faith. However, if the deletion of accounts was required based on the Royal Protocol, to change the belief — this is not a mandatory step on the path to marriage with royalty. The decision about the rite of baptism took herself — so she wanted to Express her respect for Elizabeth II, the head of the Anglican Church, and to show the seriousness of its intentions towards Harry.

A secret rite of baptism took place in the Royal chapel. At the ceremony, which was held by the Bishop of Canterbury, was attended by a limited number of people: Harry, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla Chornoliska. 45-minute rite of baptism later he said dinner for 18 people. Was there among them Prince William, Duchess Catherine and parents Meghan Markle, is unknown.