«Я ищу тебя в Сети»: 12 правил онлайн знакомств Paul Rakov told what mistakes you can avoid while chatting on the Internet. The famous author and facilitator of psychological trainings gave several recommendations that will help social media accounts to work in your favor.
«Я ищу тебя в Сети»: 12 правил онлайн знакомств

In today’s world online Dating has ceased to be something shameful. In the metropolis a successful man often can be found on the Internet than in a restaurant or at the exhibition. Especially if the girl herself spends a lot of time at work, it is easier to open a special application and receive an invitation for a date than to spend days on looking for a suitable candidate for the appointment. The famous psychologist and author of a series of books about the relationship between a man and a woman Paul Rakov gave some advice to readers of “StarHit” how to make social media and profiles on Dating sites more attractive.


No. 1. Often the account has the ability to write a slogan, to give some information about yourself. Some neglect it, do not use the opportunity to its fullest. But it is important to write the status correctly. Sometimes girls find a striking quote on the Internet and use it. For example, “Become the best version of yourself.” Here is the error that you are not allowed to teach men. Some women do not even realize that they are starting with the instructions. And the man looks and thinks: “You do one to teach me”. And close the profile or profile – you lose.

«Я ищу тебя в Сети»: 12 правил онлайн знакомств


No. 2. Of course, first and foremost, the pictures have to be interesting. But don’t forget that your Hobbies do not always coincide with what men like. For example, look – and the girl every third picture with the cats. Animals is, of course, good, but do not abuse it. Women should closely monitor their account and to remove the excess “garbage” from social networks.

Sometimes it is useful to publish posts that reflect even men’s Hobbies. For example, when I won our hockey team at the Olympics, and you wrote about this in social networks is a plus – it means you are interested in what is happening in the world.

No. 3.

To remove photos in bathing suits, in dresses with open neckline. Of course, this will attract attention, like, but you will get a slightly different impression. Such is the nature of men that, seeing these pictures, the things we think up, dorisovyvaet in consciousness. Moreover, you are not standing in a swimsuit, as a soldier, and take various alluring poses. It is important to learn how to be sexy without outright outfits.
«Я ищу тебя в Сети»: 12 правил онлайн знакомств

No. 4. Follow the background of a photo and what surrounds you. No plastic cups, cigarettes and other things. You want to make a favorable impression successful girls!

No. 5. Don’t overuse pictures in social networks. Your profile must intrigue and to push for an acquaintance, rather than be a report of where and who you were with, what you were doing at a certain time. Also take photos with men.

No. 6. In the captions under the photos, it is better not to leave something abstruse – share your thoughts, observations, but no long texts. Show that you are interesting personality.

Correspondence in social networks and Dating sites

No. 7. In correspondence, try to give less personal information. There are a fraudulent scheme, when one person creates multiple accounts. First you like with one poperepisyvatsya, something told him, then another certain fact announced. And then you wrote the man who likes the same things and you, you have similar interests, you feel that you met the ideal man of her dreams. And that’s just one and the same person, just that he already knows you well. Usually in such cases after some time start asking for money, at first a mere trifle, a minor amount, but it should be alerted.

Do not rush to extremes and to suspect everyone without exception, but to completely neglect these things should not. Don’t forget that you don’t know what kind of man communicate in a Network and what are its goals.

No. 8.

The most important thing is to know a person in correspondence is impossible. Still something to hide, something to embellish. So important for girls as soon as possible to appoint a personal meeting. A first date should not be long. You can warn you that you have 40 minutes. This time will be enough to make a first impression and to understand whether or not to communicate with him in the future, and not spend hours or days of communication on the Internet.

No. 9. Of course, the meeting should not be late and only in a public place. Don’t forget that this is only an acquaintance. Even if you like the man, should not agree to a long date. Especially, do not move from one place to another. This technique is often used by the charge. They have such a method – to change locations, choosing places where a more relaxed atmosphere. Therefore, these proposals should boldly reject, you do not need a pick up artist?


No. 10. These means of communication do you mean affordable and instant reaction. Do not rush immediately to drop everything and respond to the message. Wait half an hour. Of course, this is not applicable if you need immediate response, for example, when you make an appointment or have decided to allocate time for correspondence.

No. 11. Don’t forget that messages should be short, very short. Do not overburden men with unnecessary information and chatter. If you want to talk, better to call or email a friend than to men.

No. 12.

Well, the classic – not reply on Friday evening and at the weekend. Normal girls at this time are engaged in real business, and not tied to the phone. Even if you are sitting home alone, it is not worth to know those around you men.