Leonardo DiCaprio will stand trial for the 2013 film

Леонардо Ди Каприо ответит перед судом за фильм 2013 года

Playing in the movie “the Wolf of wall street” the financial broker and adventurer Jordan Belfort, Leonardo Di Caprio was unaware that faced with litigation. On set the actor was consulted by Jordan and played it as best as possible. Five years after the film’s release, DiCaprio offered to answer for the painting in court.

Леонардо Ди Каприо ответит перед судом за фильм 2013 года

Cause of action in court, directed to the actor, Director Martin Scorsese and screenwriter Terence Winter, was not how DiCaprio played Jordan Belfort. Former General counsel Belfort in his firm Stratton Oakmont Andrew green, who filed the suit, more concerned about how the film was shown prototype character named Nicky Koskoff who participated in the basic machinations of Belfort and has been to many of his parties. As green argues, in fact in any criminal action, he did not participate, but the spectators of the film, Scorsese may get a very different opinion about the prototype, so, Andrew brazen slandered. What is to blame DiCaprio? And the fact that he is also the producer of the film.

However, this is not the first appeal green’s court: yet in 2015 he accused “the wolf of wall street” is not only defamation, but also breach of privacy. However, the luck did not turn around. The first lawsuit, the judge was not adopted, because she lacked evidence of discussion with the filmmakers and confirm that the biography of Greene studied carefully or not studied at all. The latter claim, the judge also rejected.
“I took a tour of wall street, read a book Jordan, watched the people who work in this business, and more like I wasn’t doing anything,” like that sound taken from Leonardo DiCaprio affidavit made by lawyer Andrew green. No more comforting sound, and the words of Director Martin Scorsese, who do not communicate with Jordan Belfort and just read the book. The writer of the film Terence winter asked prosecutors to understand it: that movie is a fiction in which one character may combine the features of three real people. None of them for all the shooting never been turned on to the green.

This attitude to the preparation and shooting of the film is clearly not happy green, who is trying to make a real hearing. Greene’s lawyer, Aaron goldsmith says: “We are very concerned that the defendants appealing to the fact that they communicated mainly with Jordan Belfort. Mr. Belfort, which is well aware of the judicial system of America, a man who pathologically lied to and lying to your friends, colleagues, customers, and all the rest. This alone billing Belfort as a reliable source speaks about the careless attitude of Director, actor and producer and screenwriter to the real facts.”