Arnold Schwarzenegger reunited with Maria Shriver for my son

Арнольд Шварценеггер воссоединился с Марией Шрайвер ради сына
Patrick Schwarzenegger became a certified businessman.

Арнольд Шварценеггер воссоединился с Марией Шрайвер ради сына

Arnold and Patrick Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver

Since then, in 2011, the year Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria
Shriver decided to separate after nearly 25 years of marriage, they rarely appear together. This is not surprising, in fact they went
not peacefully, but after the loud scandal connected with cheating ex
the Governor of California to his wife. However, last weekend, Arnold and
Maria came together for the solemn ceremony dedicated to the graduation of students
University of California, among whom was their son, Patrick.

Looking at her cute 22-year-old son,
which, incidentally, has already managed to distinguish his don Juan adventures, both
parents simply shone with happiness. “Patrick, I’m so proud of you! You grew up
a real man — and the physical and intellectual aspect. I look forward to
waiting for further developments. So I would like to know how you do
yourself further…” — wrote Schwarzenegger in the evening, after the ceremony, at its
a page in a social network. “Today the best and the only one in the world Patrick Schwarzenegger became a graduate! Hurrah!” — joined in the congratulations Maria.

Patrick himself, who graduated from University business School, looked moved and a little
confused. “I’ve been in College for 4 years. Time flies quickly… Without you two I
would not be at all. Thank you for everything!” — was signed by the son of Schwarzenegger under his
photos with parents. Patrick is one of four children of Arnold and Mary.
He has a younger brother — 18-year-old Christopher and two sisters — 24-year-old
Kristina and 26-year-old Catherine. However, at the graduation ceremony for Patrick, none of them,
sorry, could not come.

Arnold and Patrick Schwarzenegger

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