Sergey Lazarev returned to Moscow

Сергей Лазарев вернулся в Москву
At the airport the singer greeted the numerous fans with posters and flowers.

Sergey Lazarev


Tonight Sergey Lazarev returned from Stockholm to Moscow
with the musical contest “Eurovision”. At the airport he was met by fans with flowers, flags and posters.

Despite the fact that in the final of the competition
the Russian singer became the third, he was greeted as the winner. He received maximum support
viewers. “Artists do
the music for the audience, for the audience, and this multimillion audience. Watched
the whole world, all of Europe, Australia, this year and America, China, ” says Lazarev. Is, in fact, was the first Eurovision, which is watched by the whole world. And this really is a multimillion
voices. The jury, of course, important, but, as we all know,
that’s five people from each country, so that is a total of 200 people.
200 people against audience of millions”.

Online Sergey Lazarev thanked all those who gave
him votes, and congratulated Ukrainian singer: “Happy for the result! Third
the place is a nice result overall. And in first place in the audience
vote. For me it means a lot, because I do my music for
the audience, for the audience, ” says Lazarev. And I am very pleased that the audience all over Europe
voted for Russia, for me, for a song. Thank you
huge, I love you very much. And, of course, congratulations to Jamal!”

Literally a week later, on may 23, Sergey Lazarev will continue
your tour in Russia, which was interrupted at the time of participation in “Eurovision”.
The musician will perform in Irkutsk, Angarsk, Chita, Tyumen and other cities with his
solo program, where, no doubt, will include the absolute hit of the singer — “You Are the Only One”.

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