Lolita decided to plant a vineyard in the suburbs

Лолита решила разбить виноградник в Подмосковье
The singer spends more time at the cottage in Dorokhovo.

Лолита решила разбить виноградник в Подмосковье

Lolita with her husband Dmitry Ivanov

Photo: @LolitaMilyavskaya (Facebook Lolita)

Together with her fifth husband Dmitry Ivanov conducts Lolita
weekends and holidays in the suburban village of Dorokhovo, where the star has a small cottage. The singer surprised the neighbours by smashing
the vineyard, the seedlings for which she was transferred from Moldova. It seems that Lolita has decided to gain experience,
before to fulfill his dream: to create an eco-village in Bulgaria, where
it has the property.

Лолита решила разбить виноградник в Подмосковье

Lolita planted grapes near the fence at his dacha in Dorokhovo

Photo: @LolitaMilyavskaya (Facebook Lolita)

“Bulgaria is our favorite husband country. I swear to you,
no Europe was not around, ” says Lolita. — I have an idea
to create the eco-village. So tourists come and completely immersed in
natural village life. Eco-tourism is not expensive, because tourists
will work in the area”.

The singer has chosen a plot of land on
which erect 10 houses and break the fruit orchard and vegetable garden. “I went to the yard and
you can pick an Apple and eat immediately. Or went into the coop, took the egg, brought
him to the kitchen and made an omelet… in our village will be a day of soup, day cabbage,
day fat. Even the ecological Spa, which you will not find any
one means on the basis of chemistry. Now I collect vintage recipes from all
of the world”.

The husband of the singer Dmitry Ivanov resting along with cats, Churchill and Ginger

Photo: @LolitaMilyavskaya (Facebook Lolita)

Lolita has changed a lot, when she married Dmitry
Ivanov, who is younger than the singer for 11 years. She became calmer and Thrifty. “Long
years the main verb in my life was “to plow”. And now I don’t rush to
tour. I feel good at home. And even in the country in Dorokhovo. We love to go there
alone in the weekend. Sit on our six acres, in our beloved wood
house. Cleared my plot of weeds, for someone else’s began. We have it
traditional fun. We go the shears, cut away the noxious Hogweed. Somehow
stopped and realized: we stand, two perfectly happy people in non-elite
the village, with a non-elite house,” admitted the singer.

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