Arnold Schwarzenegger is confident in the continuation of “Terminator”

Арнольд Шварценеггер уверен в продолжении «Терминатора»

Every time watching past the credits of the next part “Terminator”, we hope we soon will see the continuation of this story. It turns out, jointly with us, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, without which it is impossible to imagine a new part of the franchise.

Recently, the performer of the role of cyborg the terminator gave fans hope that the sixth part of the movie to be. It happened at the Arnold meeting with fans during one of the Australian shows. The question is, will they (all of us) the next part of the franchise, the actor replied:
“This will absolutely happen, I’m looking forward to it”.
Further details on the timetable and the story the former Governor of California to share not. Studio Paramount, which owns the rights to the franchise, has not made such statements. “Terminator: Genesis”, the last tape of the series in box office revenue proved to not disappoint the producers. But I hope that in the new part they come back.

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