Awesome tattoo Ben Affleck is not a real

Огромная татуировка Бена Аффлека — не настоящая

What we all took for a midlife crisis proved the weakness of the profession. A few months ago, Hollywood actor Ben Affleck got in the lenses of the paparazzi lit a huge tattoo on his back is a giant Phoenix. It happened shortly after it became known the parting of the actor with his wife Jennifer garner, and many thought he just went crazy from the freedom.

The other day at the air show Mario Lopez Affleck admitted that his tattoo, which so long discussing the audience is not real, and was painted for the filming of “Night life”. Although the artist himself and has several not-so-interesting drawings on his body.
“I have a few tattoos, but I prefer to do them in places that are easy to hide from prying eyes. Eventually the drawings get used and cease to notice them” said Ben.

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