Prince Harry ready for fatherhood

Принц Гарри созрел для отцовства

Unlike his older brother Prince William, raising two children, Prince Harry is still single. The tabloids and then attribute to him novels with famous models, with Royal personages, but after parting with Cressidas of Bonasofficially famous ginger so to anyone and never met. Single life also can get bored, and in an interview with “Good morning America” (Good Morning America), the heir to the British throne is going to have a family.

Принц Гарри созрел для отцовства

To the question of reporters that, in his opinion, he feels his late mom Princess Diana, looking at him from heaven, Harry replied:

“I hope she looks at my brother with tears of joy in his eyes and be proud of us. I am sure that he would very much like to have children, her grandchildren.”

Принц Гарри созрел для отцовства

The Prince noted that he always remembers his mother, a loss that forever changed them with William’s life. Now they are doing everything to the case of Diana have not been forgotten and continue great charity work started by the Princess.

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