Аркадий Укупник признался, почему ушел от жены The second marriage of actor broke up because of a new love. Arkady Ukupnik no secret that the current choice was not free. However, the feelings were stronger stamp in the passport.
Аркадий Укупник признался, почему ушел от жены

Arkady and Natalia Ukupnik happily married for almost 20 years. They are raising daughter Sophia, which I dedicate all my free time. However, love relationships began with adultery. In the program “on a visit in the morning,” the musician told about that at the moment of acquaintance with the current chosen one he was married. According to star, he was immediately covered so strong feelings that the singer just couldn’t refuse the new appointment.

“We met once, spent a great day, but Natasha did not understand what I feel for her feelings. After all I was married. Literally three days later we met again at a party and then I realized that if now will pass, you will miss her, we will never meet again. That’s why I asked the phone number,” recalled the artist.

The musician quickly realized I was in love with, so I picked up the divorce. Now he is convinced he has made the right decision. Ukupnik does not regret that terminated the second marriage, because, despite his personal vicissitudes, he managed to keep a good relationship with children from previous unions and ex-wives.

Though Natalya and Arkady doubted the strength of their relationship, they quite a long time to become parents. The wife of the musician recalls that more than ten years trying to conceive a child, but the addition to the family happened only in 2011.

Now little Sofia is the main joy for parents. 65-year-old son admits that he and his wife are thinking about the birth of another child.

“Sonia is very insists that she had a brother. We are still only thinking about it. Of course, I understand that it is not young, but I think that in such matters everyone must decide the fate. Who knows what will happen,” said Ukupnik.

Despite the fact that the daughter of a musician is already showing artistic ability, he does not want Sophia to connect their lives with the scene. According to the son, the profession of the artist is too complicated in moral terms. However, caring parents stressed that now for them the most important is the welfare heiress, so they are willing to accept any of her life choices.