Ольга Бузова получила серьезную травму во время концерта She hopes to be able to continue the tour of the Far East. Olga Buzova was injured, with the result that she had to impose a special fixing bandage. In between performances, the artist is trying to stretch the damaged muscle together with experts.

Now a few days Olga Buzova actively travels in the Far East with his live show. The girl visited Blagoveshchensk, Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In each new city star greets the crowd of fans. Trying to thank the fans for their dedication, the artist goes all out on stage.

So, one of the last performances of the presenter ended by injury. In his Instagram Olga shared the sad news that she hurt her leg.

“I pulled foot. The scene treats, the scene did not feel anything, and now very painful. Go to the doctor, find out what we do,” shared Buzova.

Despite the injuries, the presenter decided to continue the tour. In between concerts and rehearsals she kneaded my leg with a doctor or specialist. Also Olga had to resort to the use of special fixing bandage.

Earlier, the actress has repeatedly admitted that gives his all on stage. Live show Buzova considered very difficult, and the girl has to perform numerous dance moves in awkward costumes. Apparently, it was during the next dance girl and hurt my leg.

Later Olga told again about his health. Despite health problems, the actress decided to act on the Kamchatka Peninsula, as the hall was already waiting for her crowd of admirers.

“Leg hurts, but we are preparing for the concert. Now do makeup and I will be very beautiful,” – said the budding singer.

Fans try to keep Olga in a difficult situation. They suggest the star to carefully monitor their well-being, as the stretching of the muscles can result in very serious injury.

Buzova not the first time complains about his health, and all due to a busy work schedule. A few weeks ago a girl posted photos with a dropper. Because of the large load to her health deteriorated.

Despite the warnings of doctors, Olga is not willing to reduce the creative activity. The star has repeatedly admitted that the work is the main joy in her life. For the next few months Buzova scheduled a lot of performances, recordings and filming, so she had absolutely no time to be sick.