Татьяна Буланова высказалась о новом замужестве In a recent interview, the singer shed light on personal life. Tatyana Bulanova told about, is she going for the third time to marry. It turned out that the performer does not exclude this possibility.
Татьяна Буланова высказалась о новом замужестве

After Tatiana Bulanova divorced football player Vladislav Radimov, she focused on career and education of the youngest son Nikita. Fans of the couple believe that they can still come together, however, the ex-beloved, not in a hurry to make loud statements.

Bulanova recently gave an interview in which he told about his personal life after the divorce. As it turned out, the star does not exclude that once again will marry. About when this may occur, Tatiana says. The artist prefers not to make plans, believing that everything has its turn.

“Although I’m free, friends don’t Woo me. Understand what will happen as destined. A friend recently told me: “Tanya, are you in the market?” On the market, right bride of marriageable age,” shared the celebrity.
Татьяна Буланова высказалась о новом замужестве

To part with Vladislav Radimov, the artist decided in 2016, which was announced to subscribers on your page in Instagram. “Thank you for these 11 years! Yes, there’s a lot of good and some not very, but I am grateful for meeting with you. And know that you are still like family to me and always can count on my help and support in everything!” – with these words, Tatiana turned to her husband in social networks.

Despite the fact that the couple broke up, they decided not to disperse. “The circumstances were such that we live in the same area. We celebrated my birthday, he invited me, I agreed. Can I iron some, but I don’t see anything wrong with that”, — said Tatiana in the program Boris Korchevnikov. The actress also denied rumors of infidelity Radimov. According to the singer, and they broke up for other reasons.

In addition, Tatiana and Vladislav still share a common son, Nikita, in the education which they continue to participate, said “Telenedelya”.

By the way, not long ago released a new video for Tatiana’s song “In the house where lives my sadness.” The plot of the video artist becomes the lover of an architect who is so passionate about the work that they forget about the second half. In the end, the couple decide to break up. Over the years, the heroine Tatiana returns to the place where she was happy with her husband and reminiscing. The video Director Rustam Romanov admitted that Bulanova very easy to operate. “I never seen such a gentle man. It absolutely does not interfere in the process, follows the instructions and does it well”, he said.