Arkady Novikov, hired children to work

Аркадий Новиков нанял детей на работу The restaurateur brought his son and daughter in a cafe. Alexander and Nikita were dressed in the uniform of the waiters. Fans are glad that the heirs of the famous restaurateur decided to become a part of the family business.

      Аркадий Новиков нанял детей на работу

      Restaurateur Arkady Novikov owns several cafes and restaurants not only in Moscow but also abroad. Despite the fact that in places of public catering, which is owned by famous chef and businessman, employs many people, he decided to involve his children into the family business. Now Nikita and Alexander was replaced a life of luxury on the work of the waiters. Children Novikova decided to experience all the intricacies of the restaurant business and at the same time to help dad.

      “And together we are a team. New ordinary replenishment” – wrote Arkady, posting a photo with two children. In the picture of Nikita and Alexander dressed in the uniform of waiters, thus confirming the intention to work in a café.

      Fans were in awe of the fact that the children of the famous restaurateur not to strelitsa to serve customers. They were delighted Arcadia educational methods and expressed respect for the work of children Novikova.

      “You have a beautiful family and lovely children. You are a big fellow!”, “Working in the family business – respect”, “you are a Lucky man! God gave you all! Diligence, perseverance and wonderful kids. Success always and everywhere!” – posted by subscribers in the comments.

      It is unknown how long Nikita and Alexander will serve visitors in the cafe.

      Not long ago, 19-year-old son of Arkady broke up with his sweetheart, 17-year-old daughter tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov Alesya. Despite the fact that for a long time the young couple looked absolutely happy, their romance ended. Nikita Novikov is now rumored to be plunged into a new relationship with a 16-year-old billionaire heiress Diane Manasir.

      Ex-boyfriend Lesya Kafelnikov credited with an affair with the daughter of an oligarch

      As the daughter of a restaurateur Alexander meets with Roman Abramovich’s son Arkady. For some time young people had only friendly relations, but then they still broke out of mutual love.

      “A couple of years Novikov and Abramovich just hung out – movies, restaurants. In 2013, Arkady offered to meet, now they live together in a flat in Central London,” said “StarHit” model Anna Kuznetsova.

      Alexander even introduced her chosen dad. Arkady approved the choice of his daughter. “Sasha madly in love with Arcadia and is waiting for proposals of marriage,” reported Anna. – However, Arkady is in no hurry, apparently, wants to thoroughly prepare for this moment.”

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