Daria Pynzar was discharged son from hospital

Дарья Пынзарь выписалась с сыном из роддома Now mother and child heading home. May 15, Daria Pynzar gave birth to a boy. The star of the reality show came to pick up her husband, and close friends of the couple. Many fans still send their congratulations and can’t wait when the new mother will show little face of the baby.

      Дарья Пынзарь выписалась с сыном из роддома

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Daria Pynzar finally sent a newborn baby home. To take away from the prestige of the Moscow maternity hospital the mother and her son came to her husband Sergei Pynzar. Congratulate the new parents and to see the baby came and the many friends of the family.

      Daria Pynzar gave birth to a son

      Close one of the most prominent couples of the reality show “Dom-2”, which managed to become a strong happy couple received warm words addressed to the newborn baby.

      Дарья Пынзарь выписалась с сыном из роддома

      The son of Panzara was born in one of the prestigious clinics in Moscow. Daria admitted that childbirth was easy enough. But in order to ease the pain during labor, the young mother used the most common hammock. Daria Pynzar: “From pain during labor saved me a hammock”

      “The doctors advised me to sit in it during contractions and it really helped me, I almost felt no pain! Of course, this is the great merit of doctors. They can say, “birth” of a baby for me in just three attempts. I was hurt only very little, while “epidural” did not and then, before the advent of the son. I in indescribable delight from the hospital, all the advice is there to give birth!” – admitted Daria “StarHit” in the first interview after birth.

      A new Pope in the seventh heaven from happiness. He’s always posting photos of the hospital where his wife and youngest son. A former participant of the reality show as little as possible to leave the spouse alone. Even during childbirth Sergei was next to Daria, to somehow alleviate the suffering wife, and made a very important action.

      “He supported me, said kind words. Stroking her hair, holding her hand. I cut the cord and immediately took the baby in his arms. And when I saw the child, knew immediately that he was the copy of the Theme, one to one, only dark. And weight it even more Topic – 2750 grams, and the weight of the first son at birth was 2530 grams. The growth of the younger brother 50 cm a bit more than I was at birth the elder – 47 cm”, – told Pynzar.

      Daria very carefully prepared for childbirth. As an experienced mother, she remembered the most important moments of the first pregnancy, therefore more relaxed attitude to everything that happened during the birth of her second son.

      “The first pregnancy I did not feel like a second, because did not understand how it is an emotional and tender moment. And now, when I know that inside me is a living tiny person, a little person, I want all the attention were confined to his person. I don’t believe and never believed in the “evil eye”. I only believe in the materiality of thought and try to go for their dreams – big and happy family,” shared with the fans Pynzar.

      Now the happy couple is still determined by the choice of the name son. Daria admitted that he pushed himself back from the Christmas holidays. On may 15, dropped names like Gleb, Boris, Yegor, Michael, David. Pinzari more inclined to the latter, noting that it’s very unusual.

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