Olga Buzova has dedicated a touching song spouse

Ольга Бузова посвятила трогательную песню супругу The presenter never ceases to amaze fans with their talents. The star recently announced that he is writing a book, has released a music video along with Claudia Coca. Video recording took place in early may, for their sake, Olga dyed her hair and tried on a brutal way.

      Ольга Бузова посвятила трогательную песню супругу

      Olga Buzova in early may surprised fans with his new hair color. The presenter showed subscribers on Instagram that her strands are now pink. It turned out that this coloring star did for the filming of the clip.

      Olga along with her friend Claudia Coca made a video called “If…”. About the release of new products presenter said on the page in socialnoy network, placing a link to the creation. “The other day with the little magic Clave wrote the song “If…” – for all the lovers! Touching, sincere and from the heart. My favorite song inspired me, now catch my declaring my answer!” – signed a small excerpt from the video Buzova.

      In the clip of the girl sitting on a bench in Gorky Park and decide that you are going to sing about love. Under acoustic guitar singer singing a simple and beautiful lines: “If I don’t get a hug, I freeze quite in the night. Will there be heart pounding again, because every night you tear off a piece”. According to Buzova, the song she dedicated to her husband Dmitry Tarasov, as they were recently argued.

      Fans Buzova was pleased with the novelty. “Respect girls, very beautifully sang”, “Great song”, “Very cool”, “the Song is very gentle, very light, so how are you”, – such comments have been left watched the video Internet users.

      The word “If…” is not the first song, sung by Olga. Star began her musical career in 2011. The first song recorded Buzova, was the single “don’t forget”, on which they worked together with T-Killah. With her husband Dmitry Tarasov Olga released the song “All for you”. The talented blonde is well versed in music, so occasionally works as a DJ at parties.

      In relations with her husband, Olga resorts to several tricks. “Your family life will become a chore, bring in it a game element. I like to put on such amenity. Prepared my husband’s Breakfast, put on the table, and next attached a note: “Breakfast king,” said Buzova “StarHit”.

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