Ариана Гранде фанатам: Я не кусок мяса

American singer Ariana Grande shared with her fans the story of how overexcited fan made her inappropriate comment, which struck her to the core.

Grande rested together with his friend Mac Miller when they were approached by unknown. The guy was talking about the fact that he’s a big fan of the rapper, followed by Mac and Ariana when they decided to head to his car.

“He was very loud and defiant. We got to the car, Mac sat on the passenger seat, I was behind,” says Grande.

“At first it was quite cute and innocent. Until then, until this guy started saying stuff like “Ariana is so damn sexy,” “I can see you trying to hit on her”, etc. to some it may seem like a small thing, but I was very touched. I personally was present at this conversation, and I was not comfortable. I felt some kind of victim. Such cases occur quite often and I think they are largely the cause of women’s fear,” says Grande.

Because Ariana decided to once again recall that it is also a person, and at least this deserves a respectful attitude: “I’m not a piece of meat that a person gets to use at your pleasure. I’m a grown woman, consisting in a relationship with a man who treats me with love and respect. Such cases break my heart. People should not make others feel uncomfortable, especially when it comes to men and women.”